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Create a sports club yearbook that takes home the trophy with millions of ways to customize your perfect look.

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You don’t even need any graphic design experience — our easy-to-use drag and drop editor makes crafting a sports club yearbook simple and fun!

Hit this yearbook out of the park with millions of ways to customize and create a masterpiece that is completely your own.

Whether you participate in cheerleading, basketball, cross country, chess team, debate club, etc., we have the tools to allow you to make your sports club yearbook as ambitious as your team, with all the personality to go with it!

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Stunning sports club yearbook covers — include your mascot.

Create a sports club yearbook cover that will get the home-section screaming:

1- Pick your favorite layout.

2- Upload your images (use team pictures and logos!).

3- Insert your titles.

4- Save your cover!

Sports club yearbook pages that are grand slam worthy — make the most of your photos.

Let the highlight reel play in your sports club yearbook with millions of ways to customize:

1- Choose the layout that is right for you.

2- Enhance your action shots with photo-editors and filters (like in Instagram). Don’t forget to frame those team photos (upload images directly from Facebook).

3- Make those portraits shine with a little personal touch — completely customizable.

4- Explore all the sports-related graphics and images to add an edge of flair to your yearbook.

Player portraits — now even more personalizable.

Have your players create their profiles on their own so they can add their personality to the page. In 3 easy steps, you will save time and tedious work by keeping everyone working together:

1- Create a template to work with.

2- Construct a questionnaire for players to answer.

3- Invite the team with a special access code to update their information, upload their photos and submit their profiles for official approval by you.

Ask them for their favorite moments, a quote that kept them pushing through, the funniest thing their teammates did. The ball is in your court to make the most unique sports club yearbook.

Get your action shots and team photos page-ready with photo enhancement.

Your perfect serve, photo-finish sprint, once-in-a-lifetime catch are about to get an upgrade.

With photo editing, filters and frames, you can compose and arrange your photos in beautiful collages or dramatize them with action graphics.

Upload your images straight from Facebook so you can save your time and effort for training.

Feel free to use our professionally designed clipart to add some context to your pages. You can find a few below to have an idea of what we’ve got for you.

A double play — MVP printing features at rookie prices.

Fusion believes you should save the sweating for the field, not stressing about over-priced yearbook printing.

That’s why we’ve built solid printing hubs to deliver you the best possible features: soft or hard covers, glossy or matte laminate at affordable prices.

Enjoy PDF proof and the power to change your order all the way up to the last moment before printing begins.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

I don’t have enough time… How can I involve multiple people in the project?

With Fusion, you now have the power of delegation. To create your sports club yearbook, you can add as many users as needed and allocate one or more pages to each of them. You can choose from 3 different levels of contribution to make sure everyone can access only what you want. This way, people can participate to upload photos and, if you’d like, to design your yearbook pages!

What’s the price to get professional quality sports club yearbooks?

The price of your yearbooks depends on the number of pages, the quantity of books and your finishing options. If you already have an idea of the budget you can allocate to this project, just get your free trial account and visit the order details section. You’ll be able to generate quotes playing with the number of pages and copies. Good thing to know: you can adapt your configuration up to the very last minute before your sports club yearbook goes to print.

When will I be delivered and is there any extra cost for delivery?

Your sports club yearbooks will be delivered within 4 weeks after your final approval is granted online. Good news: with Fusion, standard delivery is free!

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