The Most Beautiful Primary School Yearbook — Easily Created by You and Your Students.

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Fusion is not only helping you create a stunning primary school yearbook at affordable prices, but also bringing you a unique opportunity to let your students share in the experience.


With our kid-friendly and easy-to-use online design software, no experience is required to make a primary school yearbook that is a work of art.

Through the simplicity of our page editor powered by Canva, you have the ability to make your yearbook with as much personality as the people inside it.

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Playful primary school yearbook covers — hundreds of designs to choose from!

Create a lively cover in very little time with these easy steps:

1- Choose your favorite layout from a large selection of options.

2- Upload your favorite photos.

3- Type your titles.

4- Save your Page.

Beautiful page layouts — unlimited ways to personalize your own.

Your primary school yearbook is as unique as you want it to be. Here are some ways you can customize:

1- Stand out with hundreds of backgrounds — or upload your own.

2- Compose stunning collages of candid photos or page-wide class photos (don’t forget about unique frames and filters to give your photos style).

3- Choose from close to 150 fonts.

4- Make your pages even cuter with insertable clipart, fun shapes and graphic elements.

Multi-users options – create artwork like you never have before.

With multiple access capabilities, you and your students can access your Fusion Yearbooks account simultaneously on different computers. Perfect to turn the tedious task of primary school yearbook making into something you will look forward to working on!

Choose a template and have the students create their own profiles using our kid-friendly software. They can insert photos, pick from our wide collection of clipart and shapes, and type in their own messages.

You’ll have original content the kids will take pride in, plus you’ll see those pages of your yearbook fill right before your eyes! It’s a fun and productive way to express creativity.

Get the most out of your photos with photo enhancements and filters.

Take advantage of Fusion’s powerful photo editor that allows you to upload photos straight from your computer or your class Facebook page.

Then, use stunning filters to add some flair or enhance them yourself with easy-to-use photo adjustments that will help your images pop off the page!

You don’t need any graphic design or photography experience to make your primary yearbook look professionally made. Fusion Yearbooks gives you the tools to be your own artist.

Gold-star printing at the lowest cost to you.

Fusion Yearbooks has connected with the best printing companies to deliver you the best the business has to offer as far as printing feature selection and overall quality.

Choose between soft or hard cover, glossy or matte laminate, and many more! You can’t find quality at prices like ours anywhere else.

With PDF Proofs and the ability to make changes up until the last minute before printing, you can rest assured that your primary school yearbook will arrive in perfection. Enjoy free standard delivery and order tracking all the way up to its destination.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Is it possible to create a yearbook just for my class?

Sure! Starting from 10 yearbooks with 24 pages, Fusion offers the flexibility you need. You can make it a class-project, a multiple class project or whatever you want. Allocate a page per student and have them introduce themselves with words and images. Keep a few pages to look back on their experience during an excursion or a school trip. Illustrate the school life with beautiful photos of key events, etc. You have become a real chief editor!

How does the pricing work?

The price of your primary school yearbooks depends on printing factors: number of pages, copies and printing options. Get your free trial, play with our in-app quote calculator and build the plan that fits your needs and budget. You’ll be able to adapt your configuration until the very last day before your primary school yearbook goes to print.

Is it possible to involve parents and teachers at the same time?

Yes. Fusion Yearbooks allows you to involve who you want, choosing from different levels of contribution. Teachers can work simultaneously on their part from school. Parents can help their kid from home. Being collaborative and online, this project will definitely have the taste of success: all talents welcome!

Start creating your primary school yearbook.

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