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Whether you are looking for a modern and sophisticated look or artistic and experimental feel, Fusion Yearbooks has the perfect fit for you.

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Explore hundreds of thematic layouts, backgrounds, clipart, and more to create your own yearbook themes.

From front and back covers to every page in between, we have the selection that allows you to be as creative as you want while staying consistent throughout your entire yearbook.

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Dozens of moods to start with.

The hardest part is to start. Unless you know exactly what you want, it’s no easy task to take the right decision straight away. That’s why in Fusion, you’ll find various styles and design trends you can try to find your way. Here are a few examples.

Modern and Modest

Utilise negative space and minimisation with a modern look. This Yearbook theme is perfect for an academic or professional feel! Explore hundreds of free graphic elements that mimic the style you are going for and incorporate them into your pages.

Yearbook Themes - Modern

Playful and Party-Ready

With no colour left unused, you can create vibrant covers and pages that make it fun to leaf through your yearbook! Are you crafting a yearbook for a younger age group? This could be the exact theme you’re looking for. Browse through hundreds of clipart to add some fun to your pages!

Yearbook Themes - Playful

School Pride and Spirited

You want to show off your school in the coolest light, and Fusion Yearbooks wants to help. With the unhindered ability to customise each theme exactly the way you like it, you can add your school logo, mascot, colours, and anything that represents your campus into every aspect of your yearbook. Whether you are an elementary school or university or anything in between, you will find the one-of-a-kind look that mirrors your school spirit! What if you add photo filters and frames to your photos? This is just an example…

Yearbook Themes - School Pride

Crafty and Creative

For that handcrafted appearance, look no further. Fusion has some of the best ways to customise your theme to look as if you made it from scratch. From artistic photo frames to insertable clipart to backgrounds and layouts that match your dream yearbook, we’ve got you covered.

Yearbook Themes - Crafty

Customise your Yearbook Themes

Fusion is all about creative license — we want you to have complete freedom when it comes to crafting your perfect yearbook theme. Our professionally designed layouts and templates are 100% customisable: change the background colour palettes, choose your own font from 150 different options, insert photos and free clipart.

You can adapt the page as little or as much as you like — all easy enough to do without any design experience required! Intrigued? Well, access your free trial account and follow those 4 easy steps!

1 – Choose a page type and drag a new page into your book.

2 – Browse through hundreds of layouts (you’ll find multiple layouts for each theme in all our page types)

3 – Pick from dozens of backgrounds and hundreds of clipart.

4 – Change colours, fonts, move elements around and add your photos and text.

That’s pretty much it!

Once your theme looks perfect, just duplicate it – and save so many hours of tedious work.

If you come up with a theme that you simply fall in love with, you will be able to duplicate that page so you don’t have to start from scratch again.

Fusion has made it easy to repeat yearbook pages to help save you time and the headache of doing the same task over and over.

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Is it possible to use multiple templates in the same yearbook?

Yes, totally. With Fusion Yearbooks, you are the master of everything. For instance, you can make your sections look different. There are no rules! However, we recommend you find visual markers that will work across the whole book in order to affirm your style and keep a minimum of consistency.

Can I mix my own graphic elements, logos and colours with existing templates?

Yes. For that, you’ll just need to import your images as JPG or PNG files. You’ll be able to change any backgrounds or clipart colour using your own colour codes.

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