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Need beautiful yearbook templates for your project? You’re in luck today! With Fusion, access hundreds of options and customise them in minutes – no design skills required!

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Creating a yearbook usually takes time and energy. At Fusion, we thought you’d appreciate designing faster (and better!) thanks to our stunning and editable yearbook templates. Browse through dozens of themes and styles, pick up your favourite ones and design your whole yearbook with ease!

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Easily create a yearbook cover that says it all.

The cover is the very first thing people will see. It’s also the first thing you’ll have to design in your yearbook. Start from professionally designed yearbook templates and adjust them to your taste or style guide. Here is how:

1 – Browse through dozens of yearbook templates – from the academic to the eccentric

2 – Drag and drop a photo
, an illustration or a logo from your computer or Facebook

3 – Type your headings 
– there’s 200+ fonts available!

4 – Change colours, opacity, add embellishments
 and save.

Done! Why not add a special touch with our affordable printing options? More info about yearbook printing further ahead…

Stunning yearbook templates tailored for success.

Our design team creates new yearbook templates on a weekly basis starting with the hottest trends of the yearbook industry. There are the standard pages like covers, contents, credits, dividers and profile pages. Then, there’s editorial pages like reports, academics, school activities, field trips, sport pages and so on. Finally, there are all the design components you can think of to organise your information.

Here is what you’ll find in our library of yearbook templates:

1 – A variety of professional layouts tailored to your needs

2 – Backgrounds, charts, embellishments and 200+ fonts to decorate your pages

3 – Smart features to make these yearbook templates your own (duplicate elements, colour codes, photo filters, opacity, alignment, line spacing, etc.)

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What if all your students could participate online?

Apart from being easy to use, Fusion offers several advantages. One of them is that you can involve as many students and teachers as you want. One, you’ll save a lot of time. Two, everyone will be able to play at their strengths. And three, your yearbook project will be more engaging and popular for the whole school community.

1 – Choose from 3 levels of contribution and enable everyone to collaborate in your class or from home

2 – Give each contributor their own secured credentials 

3 – Watch your book fill from cover to cover

4 – Review everyone’s content and make adjustments to complete the project.

Automate content collection for your profile pages.

Make sure everyone is in the yearbook thanks to our automated profile pages. Even better, invite everyone to fill their own profile online. Here is how:

1 – Choose and customise your favourite template.

2 – List your questions and ask for the photos you want

3 – Invite students and teachers to fill your questionnaire online
 (and to upload their photos)

4 – Review all the content collected

5 – Generate your profile set in one click!

At the end, all your profiles with be laid out in your custom templates! Example: if you have 100 students and 10 students per page, 10 pages will automatically be generated for you! How good is that?

Yearbook templates that look perfect on paper.

All our templates are designed by a team of professionals. They are incredible, customisable and follow the standards of the printing industry. On the top of that, Fusion offers on-demand printing services in Europe, UK, Australia and New-Zealand. Our solid network of local printers ensures the best quality and very short turnarounds. Try our our quote calculator to find the sweet spot while staying on budget! A few examples of options to choose from: matte or gloss finish, hard or soft cover, PUR perfect binding, and saddle stitch.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

I’m interested. But I don’t know where to start…

Too easy! Create your free account and follow the guide! You’ll see how easy it is to create your first couple of pages. Then, set up your project calendar and build your team. Have a look at our blog and other resources to find inspiration. If you have any doubts or questions, our help center is here to help too.

Can I create my own templates and reuse them later?

Yes you can. In Fusion, you can also design your own yearbook templates and save them for other projects. For that, you just need to make sure all your projects are created under the same school name. The more layouts you will create, the more time you’ll save. And your yearbooks will all look very consistent and professional!

Make the most of our free yearbook templates.

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