Create Beautiful University Yearbooks — even without any design skills!

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Attending university is no easy task, but who says your university yearbook has to be just as challenging?

Fusion Yearbooks gives you the opportunity to create something that is as much of a pleasure to make as it is to read. With a seemingly endless amount of options to highlight your year, you can be assured that this university yearbook will be stunning and stress-free.

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Stunning university yearbook covers — professional to artistic!

It’s easy to create a magnificent cover. Just follow these 4 simple steps:

1- Pick your favourite of hundreds of layouts.

2- Upload your images.

3- Insert your titles.

4- Save your progress.

Captivating pages — infinite ways to customise.

Make your pages look top of their class with some of these powerful tools:

1- Choose from hundreds of striking backgrounds or insert your own.

2- Enhance your images with photo-editing software and enticing filters.

3- Pick an article template and tell your story.

4- Cut the workload and effort with the easy-to-use Drag and Drop editor.

Collaborate with multiple access capabilities.

A university yearbook could seem like an insurmountable chore. There are portraits, candid photos, biographies, quotes, etc. that need to make their way into the pages.

With Fusion, you have the power of delegation and collaboration with the ability to sign into your account from any computer at the same time using a special access code.

And with our ridiculously easy-to-use yearbook builder powered by Canva, you will be able to pick up where someone left off without missing a beat. Think of the student organisations and departments doing all of their own feature pages!

Catalog and organise your university history.

Your university’s history is a vital part of what you stand for today and your university yearbook should display it in all of its magnificence.

Enhance those vintage photos with our photo editor and show university progress with a series of graphic shapes, elements, and annotative text boxes.

Save money without sacrificing quality.

Your university has a high standard of quality and Fusion wants to match it. Rest assured when you order your university yearbook through us that you are receiving the best possible printing options available at prices that won’t break the budget.

Choose from: hard or soft covers, matte or glossy laminate, etc. You will be able to make changes to your order up to the last second before it goes to print in perfection. Free standard delivery and order tracking.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Is it possible to match my university graphic chart with Fusion Yearbooks?

Yes. Fusion Yearbooks allows you to customise everything depending on your needs, providing you hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, text holders, fonts, clipart and much more. Ask your university marketing department the colour codes you need to apply in your design, upload your own graphic elements in minutes and duplicate your pages to insure design consistency. You can also easily play with multiple layers, transparency, line and letter spacing: all the important publishing features you need – even without design experience!

How can I involve others students clubs or associations in the creation process?

With Fusion, you can involve unlimited number of users. First, think about the global structure of the book to get a rough idea of the number of pages you’ll have. Then, allocate pages to each student club and let them do the work, content and design included! You’ll be able to create all the main pages and edit their work at the end, to make sure the whole yearbook comes together.

How much will my university yearbook cost?

The price of your university yearbook depends on the number of pages, number of books and finishing options you choose. Minimum number of pages is 24, minimum number of copies is 10 and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute before printing. To get multiple quotes right now, just get a free trial account and visit the order details section. No hidden costs and no risks of leftovers!

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