The Guide to Yearbook Titles

30 pages filled with over 100 examples!

Guide to Yearbook Titles

Your title will be the first words your audience reads from your yearbook — it should be just as great as everything they’ll find inside. The goal is to intrigue your reader while providing a sentimental feeling to their years spent amongst the school halls.

In this free guide, you’ll discover how to build informative and inviting yearbook titles as well as dozens of examples to get inspired. You will also see how easy it is to design a stunning title on your yearbook cover with Fusion.

What you’ll get in this free ebook:

  • 100+ ways to compose a great yearbook title.
  • Everything you need to know for positioning and customising your yearbook title.
  • A 5 step guide to designing your title on your yearbook cover.

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Guide to Yearbook Titles - NZ

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Sneak peek: the science of yearbook titles

No one knows better what the school represents than the students that inhabit it. Gather a list of the best ideas from your students, and then propose a vote with your editorial staff to which they feel best represents their campus. But first, get to know what already works for other schools.

Yearbook about…
– School Life
– Memories & Reflections
– Editorial Style
– The Year
– Celebration & Anniversary
– Presenting Us
– Graduation & Leavers
– Fantastical & Fancy


Different styles and tips for your yearbook title such as…
– Academic & Traditional
– Funky & Eye-catching
– Minimal & Clean
– Whimsical & Playful
– Focus on Faces
– Title Position
– Title Customisation

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