The Guide to Yearbook Superlatives

25 pages filled with over 300 examples!

Guide to Yearbook superlatives - cover

Yearbook superlatives have been a landmark tradition for many years. Every year, everyone votes for ‘The Best…’ or ‘The Most…’ a title or phrase to describe your classmates or teachers in a fun and creative way.

There are the usual titles: ‘Best Smile’, ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ but also so many more original ways to honour everyone! We’ve compiled all you need to know about yearbook superlatives here.

What you’ll get in this free ebook:

  • A description of the most popular superlative types of 2015.
  • Tons of ideas with over 300 examples – from the classic to the comical.
  • Practical tips and tricks to design stunning superlative pages.

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Guide to Yearbook Superlatives - NZ

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A sneak peek of what’s inside…

– Beauty Pageant Winner
– Best Celebrity Look-Alike
– Best Dressed
– Best Eyebrow Gestures
– Most Photogenic

Interesting / Eccentric
– Best Name Pronunciation
– Best Name Spelling
– Best Nickname
– Best Sneeze
– Best Worst Singer

Loud / Funny / Talkative
– Always Smiling
– Best Entertainer
– Best Exaggerator
– Best Hugger
– Best Laugh

– Best Movie Quoter
– Biggest Gamer
– Computer Nerd
– Knows All The Movie References
– Media Guru

Imaginative / Creative people
– Biggest Dreamer
– Biggest Imagination
– Knows The Lyrics To Every Song
– Miss/Mr Photographer
– Most Artistic

– Always Escapes Classwork
– Always Late
– Best Procrastinator
– Couch Potato
– Hungriest

Hollywood / Drama / Celebrity
– Biggest Drama Queen/King
– Most Fashionably Late
– Most Likely To Become Internet Famous
– Most Likely To Star On A Reality TV Show
– Most Popular

Badass / Rebellious
– Biggest Flirt
– Biggest Prankster
– Class Clown
– Heartbreaker
– Most Daring

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