The Guide to Yearbook Questions

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Guide Yearbook Questions

Yearbook profile pages have been popular for ages. They consist of asking a series of short questions to students, teachers or staff about their opinions, hobbies, personal projects or school memories. It’s a perfect occasion for everyone to speak to the whole school community. It’s also a way to highlight the little details that make your school so unique – details that you want to remember forever.

We’ve compiled tons of examples and organised them in categories to help you find the ones that are right for you.

What you’ll get in this free ebook:

  • 400+ examples to find inspiration.
  • Different ways to imagine your profile pages – the classic to the comical.
  • Tips and tricks to collect hundreds of student profiles in no time.

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Guide to Yearbook Questions - NZ

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A couple of yearbook questions you’ll find inside…

About school
– What will you miss the most about school?
– What would you change about your school?
– What is your favourite canteen/cafeteria food?
– Who has been your favourite teacher?
– Which year was the most fun?
– Describe your typical school day
– What’s the most trouble you’ve gotten into at school?
– Funniest thing that has happened to you since you started school?
– Who is your funniest class mate?
– What have you done at school that you’re the most proud of?

High School Specific
– If you could start high school over again, what would you do differently?
– If you could relive a moment in high school, what would it be?
– Favourite trend or saying through high school:
– What is the theme song to your high school life?
– What do you want to do when you graduate from high school?
– What advice would you give to younger students?
– I couldn’t have survived year 12 without..
– A message to my fellow graduate:

Primary School related:
– Why is school fun?
– The biggest change in me since Kindy is…
– I’m looking forward to go to high school because…
– What’s the biggest word you have learnt this year?
– Tell us 3 things you’re good at:
– Why is reading important?
– If you could redesign our school uniform, what colours and style would you use?
– If you could ride in a rocket, which planet would you visit and what do you think you would see?

Questions to teachers
– My proudest moment this year was…
– I love teaching because…
– A piece of advice to your students:
– What did your students teach you this year?
– When I was at school, I was good at…

Questions to University Students
– Something interesting about me…
– I survived uni by…
– I’m best known for…
– Farewell message…

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