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What to Write in a Yearbook Message?




In What to Write in a Yearbook Message, you’ll find all you need to know to write a yearbook message that everyone will remember for years. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or even the School’s Principal, we’ve got you covered. Have a good read!

What exactly is a yearbook message?

Yearbooks hold all the precious memories of school years that have come and passed by. Everything in a yearbook helps jot down one’s memory of every trip, inside joke or memorable teacher that made their school life the exciting ride that it was. But it is the messages from friends, teachers or even the Principal that will leave a mark in our hearts.

What better way to capture that essence by recording messages from people that made those moments happen? There are countless ways to convey a message: it might be through humour, inside jokes, a silly sketch, or a motivational quote… but what really matters is that you write from the heart.

Whether it’s from your best friend, or the classmate you only got to work with once on a group paper, keeping a timeless message from these people will make the yearbook experience even more meaningful.



Let’s get you started.

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Why including yearbook messages makes your yearbook better?

In an age where everything is available online instantly, it’s easy to question why writing on a yearbook still counts.

Well, the answer is pretty obvious. How do you feel when opening an old family photo album? What’s your reaction when you find a nice photo of this very cute 2 year-old kid you used to be? A yearbook message can have the same impact, it has the power to make you draw a tear.

You might have hundreds of friends on Facebook. You might publish dozens of photos everyday and get lots of comments. But with the amazing flow we know, most of these comments and photos will probably be forgotten.

A yearbook message is different. Unlike the way online commentary is swept up and buried in an instant, your yearbook will stay with you forever. As everyone only has one chance to write their yearbook message, they usually take the time to make it more unique and sentimental.

This explains why adding yearbook message pages will make your yearbook better.

How to make the most out of this guide?

To make this guide as useful as it can be, we split it into three chapters. But if you are serious about improving your yearbook messages this year, I recommend you read this guide in its globality.

There is also a printable version of this guide (a free 25 page eBook). Feel free to download it and use it with your yearbook team or your class – it’s entirely free. We hope this helps!

Another useful recommendation. Make sure you access your trial account to be able to try your favourite tips right away. You’ll save time and it will be even easier for you to understand everything.

As mentioned, each chapter is important to understanding the most effective practices of writing a great yearbook message. So, let’s get started with Chapter 1: the different types of yearbook messages. There, you’ll find ideas and examples of written messages from the Principal, from teachers, students, student captains and more!

NOTE: this guide is part of our collection How to make a yearbook. You’ll find more guides like this here.


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