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A complete resource guide to help you create the most beautiful yearbook ever.

Creating a good yearbook requires time, energy and perseverance. But it’s also a project that is incredibly rewarding when done. In the process, you’ll learn how to build a publication that attracts readers, master the art of team building, get familiar with the fundamentals of publishing design and so much more.

We crafted this guide just for you — it’s full of tips, ideas, free downloads and everything you need to know about yearbook creation. You can make the most of it by accessing your free trial and discovering the impressive features of our new yearbook builder! We hope you have a great read and enjoy creating the best yearbook ever!

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Chapter 1 – The Perfect Setup

How to get started in great conditions and avoid wasting time throughout your project.

How to make a year book - Intro - The perfect setup

Chapter 2 – Building a good editorial concept

How to build a structure which makes sense and keeps your audience in mind.

How to make a year book - Intro - Editorial Concept

Chapter 3 – Content collection

How to collect content more efficiently and involve your school community.

How to make a year book - Intro - content collection

Chapter 4 – Design tips

How to create beautiful pages – even without design experience. Tools, tips and awesome resources.

How to make a year book - Intro - Design tips

Chapter 5 – Last steps before success

All you need to know about proofing and printing your yearbooks, as well as marketing tips to boost your sales.

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Our customers’ feedback was clear enough last year: yearbookers are looking for ideas, examples and tips to create their yearbook. That’s why our content team provides you with practical guides, blog posts, tutorials and so much more.

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Guide How to Make a Yearbook

Ready? Let’s get into it!

Before starting anything on your project, it’s important to have a look at the fundamentals of yearbook creation. That’s what we talk about in the first Chapter The Perfect Setup.

Remember! If you don’t have time to read now, you can bookmark this page. There’s also a printable version of this guide (a free 40 page eBook) that you can download here. It’s perfect to share with other teachers, students and even parents!

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NOTE: this guide is part of our collection How to make a yearbook. You’ll find more guides like this here.


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