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You need your yearbooks delivered in a couple weeks but you haven’t started anything? Don’t panic, Fusion is here to help!

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With the easiest process ever, hundreds of layouts all ready to go and the ability to customise them in minutes, you can make this happen in no time. Simply follow the steps below and enjoy creating the best yearbook ever!

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First, you need a plan.

Get started with a coherent structure. It will help you organise teamwork and set up deadlines. Below is a 50 page yearbook blueprint we’ve prepared for you. Click on it, make a copy and adapt it to your needs.

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Draft your yearbook in 30 minutes.

Draft your whole book choosing from different page types: contents pages, article pages, photo pages, profile pages, autograph pages, etc. Simply drag and drop pages in your book according to the blueprint you’ve prepared.

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Get your cover done in 5 minutes.

With Fusion, creating a stunning cover requires 3 simple steps.

1- Choose a layout and drag in onto your page.
2- Add your content.
3- Customise: change colours, fonts, photo filters, etc.

Invite others to fill pages for you.

Here are the things they can do for you:

1- Upload images on a Facebook Page that you’ll be able to connect to the yearbook builder.
2- Fill their profile online so you can generate all the profile pages at once.
3- Design their own pages if you decide to allocate pages to student groups, clubs or associations.
4- Duplicate one of your templates and simply add their own content to save time and keep consistency.

Customise like a pro – no experience needed!

No need to be tech-savvy – our drag and drop editor makes it so easy that even beginners can do it:

1- Over 150 fonts
2- Easy photo editor – with photo filters like in Instagram!
3- Move, crop, resize, change the colour, transparency of any elements.
4- Add some flair with clipart, shapes, borders, illustrations and more.

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Try Fusion Yearbooks for free. You won’t regret it.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk or give us a shout at [email protected]

What’s the cost of using Fusion Yearbooks?

Build the plan that is right for you playing with the number of books, number of pages and printing options. The more quantity you order, the cheaper it is and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute before going to print. Access your free trial and generate as many quote as you need.

How long does it take to be delivered?

It takes between 2 and 4 weeks for your yearbooks to be delivered (after your final approval). We recommend you book your delivery date as soon as possible.

Start creating your yearbook today.

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