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Who said yearbooks were just for schools? As we’ve been in the yearbook industry for a while, we’ve discovered a few other types of yearbooks.
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Association Yearbooks

Associations are working hard to make things happen. Yearbooks are a great way to celebrate successful projects and special achievements. They are also an original way to connect with sponsors, subscribers and other networks.

Corporate Yearbooks

Are you looking for a new way to boost your team? Creating a yearbook will help you spot new talents you didn’t expect. This will also help your team better understand your company’s strategy and create an entirely new situation that will reinforce your internal communication.

Sports Club Yearbooks

Sports clubs are creating yearbooks to keep track of their history, celebrate friendships, team spirit and special results. How proud will you be looking back at your future olympic champions first medals?

Year 6 yearbooks

Your primary school graduates deserve a year 6 yearbook that highlights how incredible they are and the amazing places they will go. With Fusion Yearbooks, incorporate your students’ personalities into every page so they will cherish this book for ages to come!

Year 12 yearbooks

Your year 12 students have been working hard to get to this point. Use our online yearbook builder and capture that sensation in a creative and professional grade yearbook at the highest possible quality.

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