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Senior year, it’s your time to shine! Fusion gives you an armory full of powerful tools to create a senior yearbook that looks professional, beautiful, and a work of art.

You will find creating striking pages will not only be simple and stress-free, but also fun as you tour through hundreds of incredible free designs and features at your disposal.

You’ve already made the memories, now it’s time to display them in a unique and magnificent way. Fusion has got you covered. Scroll on to see why our yearbooks graduate at the top of their class.

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Impressive senior yearbook covers — hundreds of design options!

In 4 easy steps, you will have a cover with as much personality as your seniors:

1- Choose from a large selection of professionally designed layouts.

2- Insert your photos.

3- Brainstorm your titles.

4- Save your page.

Captivating senior yearbook pages — infinite ways to customize.

Create a personal touch on your senior yearbook with a multitude of choices:

1- Select one of hundreds of striking backgrounds or insert your own.

2- Upload pictures straight from Facebook and enhance them with our photo editor and filters.

3- Choose from around 150 fonts (don’t forget about the senior quotes).

4- Pick an article template to create a professional look to your biography page.

Impressive senior bios — from artistic to academic.

This is where the seniors shine. Create pages that are worthy of everything they’ve done up to this point, and do so with pizzaz! With a large variety of article and profile templates, you have the ability to make those bios short and sweet, or page-wide and all-encompassing.

Collaborate with multiple-access ability using a special code and watch those pages fill up in the blink of an eye.

Completely unique — we have the tools to help you stand out!

You have infinite potential to make this senior yearbook as special as you like. Use blank pages with elegant designs for autographs, surprise your seniors with glowing praise from faculty in an array of fonts, or create stunning collages with candid photos from school dances, classroom games, or sporting and organization events. Fusion gives you the tools to create something worth the memories.

Top of the class printing at unrivalled prices.

Your seniors are special and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice. That’s why Fusion Yearbooks has built the highest quality yearbook printing hub all around the country. Get free standard delivery and order tracking in addition to the supreme selection of printing options offered through our services: hard or soft covers, glossy or matte laminate, etc.

With PDF proof and the ability to make changes up to the last second before printing, you can be assured with the knowledge your senior yearbook will be delivered in perfection.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Can I have multiple people working at the same time on my senior yearbook?

Yes. Choosing from 3 different levels of contributions, you can involve as many people as you want. Head Editors can access the project in its globality. Editors can view and edit all the content. Contributors can only access the pages you assign them. Outside of your yearbook team, the other students can upload their profile info and photos online, without being able to access your senior yearbook design. Unlimited number of users!

How can I build a pricing that fits my needs and my budget?

First, get your free trial account. Then, visit the order details section and play with our quote calculator: you can try multiple configurations until you find the right one. The price of your senior yearbook depends on printing factors: number of pages, number of books and printing options. Build the plan that works with you and adapt your configuration up to the last minute before printing. No risks of leftovers!

Do we need to install the program on each computer we will use for this project?

As Fusion Yearbooks is an online software, you don’t need anything else than a computer, an Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser. Each member of your team will be able to work at school, from home, or anywhere else. You can all work simultaneously, save a lot of time and avoid to spend your money in expensive or complicated design softwares.

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