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With Fusion, creating junior high school yearbooks has never been more simple, easy, or fun!

Take full advantage of our powerful online yearbook builder that will give you all the tools you need to create stunning pages with no design experience required.

Welcome to the junior high school yearbooks hub where beautiful designs meet efficiency and affordability. Your yearbook deserves to have the professional look and we have all the tools to help you do it with a software that is designed around simplicity and creativity.

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Magnificent junior high school yearbook covers — pick from hundreds of designs!

Have a field day creating your perfect yearbook cover with these 4 simple steps:

1- Choose your favorite layout from hundreds of options.

2- Upload your photos.

3- Type your titles.

4- Save your progress.

Customize your own captivating pages — no graphic design skills needed.

With our powerful tools, you have the unrivalled ability to create beauty on every page!

1- Choose unique fonts from close to 150 options.

2- Pick from a large array of backgrounds (don’t forget about those autograph pages).

3- Utilize the photo editor to bring life to your photos.

4- Insert clipart, graphic elements, and fun shapes.

Unrivalled junior high school yearbooks where students can personalize their own bios.

Using a link and secret access code, you have the ability to allow everyone to make their profiles as individual as they are. Save time and tedious work while creating a yearbook that houses the personality of the students and faculty it highlights. You design the template for them to work in, they upload photos and type in their bios or quotes.

Create Your Junior High School Yearbooks Together!

Fusion Yearbooks wants to make sure your yearbook is just as unique as the students and faculty inside it. With hundreds of customizable features and possibilities for artistic expression, you’ll find this creative outlet fun, simple, and productive! In no time, your yearbook pages will fill with original content that your students will display with pride for years to come.

Premium Printing with Free Standard Delivery.

We’ve built a solid network of printers all around the country to make sure you get the highest quality printgin and binding  — not to mention a long list of additional printing options — that won’t break the bank. Select options, such as: hard or soft covers, gloss or matte laminate, etc.

Preview exactly what you are getting with a PDF proof and make last minute changes to your printing order so you know you’re getting everything you want.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Is it possible to organise my team with different levels of contribution?

Yes, you can build the exact team you want. Choosing from 3 different levels of contributions, you can streamline time-consuming tasks like collecting all the student profiles for example. You can also create contributor accounts and assign specific pages to whomever you want. They will be able to edit the content and design. Finally, you can also involve teachers as editors allowing them to participate to the last edits before the book goes to print.

How much will it cost me to print my junior high school yearbooks?

The price of your junior high school yearbooks depends on printing factors: number of pages, number of books and printing options. Survey your students to have an idea of what they want (printing options and all the things related to the book production). Get a free trial account on Fusion and generate multiple quotes in the order details section to find the good ratio between your budget and the end product everyone expects. Build the plan that works with you and adapt your configuration up to the last minute before printing. No risks of leftovers!

Where can I find examples to get some inspiration?

You can find some inspiration on our blog, our Pinterest boards and by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. Doing so will also give you access to exclusive offers, tips and resources that will help you make the most of our online yearbook builder. All you need to create breathtaking junior high school yearbooks!

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