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Now, you know everything about yearbook covers, right? Then time has come to get started on yours. With Fusion it’s so easy that you’ll want to do it again and again!

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Fusion Yearbooks is a free online software to create yearbooks.

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1 – Open your cover

Click on the pencil button to open the cover page editor.

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2 – Select your layout

Browse through a selection of styles to find the look that suits your school’s yearbook, or alternatively make your own using text and photo frames.

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3 – Replace images with your own

Upload a single or multiple images, drag them onto your page or arrange them as you want.

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4 – Add your title & format your text

Add your title, slogan, year and whatever you wish. Choose from over 150 fonts, and write the words that will encourage people to read on!

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5 – Edit your spine text

Don’t forget the spine text! This will help you find your book when it’s on a shelf. The direction of the spine will depend on your region’s standard – so check books around you for reference.

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6 – Customize

Change the colours and sizes of your elements, use photo filters to give it the final touch that will make your cover a one-of-a-kind.

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