Chapter 1 - Setup

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Starting any project in a hurry is never a good idea. Anticipating the unexpected, setting goals, measuring progress and delegating responsibility can only be done well if you have a plan.

The foundations of a successful yearbook

Why do you prefer a magazine over another? What makes you read a blog post or not? As with any other publication, a yearbook has to consider these basic questions to attract readers. Here are the 7 rules you should follow if you want to succeed this year.

01. Make sure your content is newsworthy

When you begin writing for your yearbook, run your content through these criteria:

– Stay up to date. Write what is new and generally unknown to the reader.
– Make your story exceptional. Present your information differently by finding an original angle.
– Limit yourself to relatable topics. It’s easier to grab readers’ interest with subjects they are familiar with.

02. Write for your audience

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Your yearbook is a testament to the awesomeness of your students and staff. Remember, they’re the stars of the show! Ask them for their honest opinions, insights and feedback to create a yearbook they will appreciate and cherish in future years.

03. Use clear, familiar phrases

The Perfect Setup - WRITING

Simplicity is key when it comes to writing for your yearbook. Make a friendly reading experience by writing shorter sentences and using accessible vocabulary.

A complex word can be replaced with a simpler word which everyone can understand. Using unfamiliar terms can slow readers down, or make them skip entirely. If you’re not sure, have another person proofread your work!

Guide Yearbook Design

04. Use design to catch attention

There are infinite ways to excite your reader — start with the first glance at your stunning yearbook cover. Use beautiful color schemes, graphic elements and more to invite them on a visual journey through your book.

Want to know more about yearbook design?
Read our Guide to Yearbook Design

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05. Build a realistic budget

First, survey your audience to find out how much they’re willing to spend. With that in mind, construct your budget by testing different combinations of pages, books, and options to find your ideal price. You can adjust your order up to the very last minute before sending to print.
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06. Schedule your project step by step

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Create your action plan with short term and long-term goals — schedule deadlines, reminders, priorities, and backup plans. Make sure everyone in the yearbook creation process knows what to focus on next.

Want to save time?
Download a printable timeline poster and track the different stages of your yearbook creation process.

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07. Market your yearbook

Build some hype! Promote and market your yearbook to help you sell more copies. The more people you can get to buy your book, the easier it becomes to sell at a lower price. Don’t be afraid to try all the free tools available out there such as social media, email campaigns and more.

The Perfect Setup - Expert Advice

Teamwork makes the dream work

Having a team is great. They save you time and add value to your book. Keep in mind that creating a yearbook is an all-round project including design, writing, communication, marketing and many more skills. Surround yourself with the right people and enjoy!


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setup WRITERS yearbook

Do you know any students with a gift for writing? Convince them to be part of the team!

setup PHOTOGRAPHERS---Yearbook

Are there any talented photographers in your school? Or will you work with a professional for student photos?

setup EDITORS---Yearbook

Having a sharp eye for spelling and grammar is essential for your yearbook — find the best people for this task.

setup DESIGNERS---Yearbook

Having good taste is one thing, making great designs is something else. Find people with both qualities.

setup MARKETERS---Yearbook

Is there anyone you know who’s talkative or a natural salesperson? Get them on board to promote the yearbook.

The Perfect Setup + team

Someone great at maths can be your accountant. A charismatic leader can be your project’s voice, and so on…

Yearbooking 101 – The Essentials

You don’t need a school worth of supplies to make a yearbook.
Start with what you’ve got.

1. Computers:

Either Macs or PCs, an Internet connection
and an up-to-date web browser.

2. Cameras:

Digital cameras are very common. You can also
use smartphones under certain conditions.

3. A diary:

Take notes and stick to your deadlines.

4. Inspiration:

Find heaps of books, magazines or other
things to grab ideas from.

Guide How to Make a Yearbook

What’s next?

So, in this first chapter, we’ve listed all the things you need to get started on a yearbook project. As you see, you don’t need much – it’s just a matter of being well prepared. Now that you’re ready, let’s talk about building a good Editorial Concept.

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