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When you’ve finished collecting, writing and designing your book, it feels like the end is in sight. Hang in there — just a few more things to check. Make sure everything is OK before your give your approval, choose your options, confirm your order and prepare for distribution day.

01. Approval – Proofing is caring

Don’t let all the hard work your editorial team has done go to waste because of overlooked mistakes. Reserve a week for yourself to review and revise these points.

Take your time when proofreading content. Once your yearbook is printed there’s no going back. Missed spelling errors, grammar mishaps, or inappropriate content could generate bad publicity and damage the credibility of your school. Often writers focus on the actual content of the writing, and might not see mistakes.

Therefore, try to have a different group of students proofread their work for them. Double check all of your graphic content to ensure the quality of your images remain excellent before being sent out for printing. After edits, revisit each page to confirm the layout has remained intact. Be meticulous and keen-eyed when it comes to proofing.

Check for these:

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Check the font size and style of your text. Consider people with weaker eyesight and avoid designing content that causes eye strain when reading. Also, check the flow of your articles. Are your sentences short and vocabulary accessible?

Proofing printing selling - Proofing-02

Spelling and Grammar

The more eyes you have proofreading your content the better. Involve your entire team, give them small sections at a time, encourage everyone to ask questions, and most importantly don’t forget to double check the names.

Proofing printing selling - How to make a yearbook - proofing spelling tip

Proofing printing selling - Proofing-03

Photo quality

Ensure your photos are high-quality even at large sizes. Consider replacing pictures that appear too dark/bright, pixelated, or poorly composed. Your visual content will reflect highly on your school’s credibility.

Proofing printing selling - Proofing-04

General design issues

Leave a wide enough margin between your content and the edges of your page. Nothing says “low quality” more than cut off images or text. Keep extra space on the inside margins since the spine of your yearbook will take up some of the page room. Your design should invite your reader inside, guide them through the pages, and break up text-heavy spreads.

Get a complete list of what needs to be checked.

Proofing printing selling - Proofing-05

Explicit content

Review the backgrounds of photos, the meanings behind quotations, and any slang you aren’t familiar with. Students are notorious for pushing the limits on what they can sneak into yearbooks.

How to generate a PDF proof in Fusion Yearbooks?

Proofing printing selling - Generate PDF-06

See the preview of your full book. Note: The Danger Zone is on by default to help you see if faces or text are too close to the edge. You can turn it off at your own risk.


Wonder what it looks like?


Proofing printing selling - Generate PDF-07

You can customize your book with page numbers and footer text. Then proofread all your pages.

Proofing printing selling - Generate PDF-08

Click on the ‘Generate’ buttons to download your final PDF (cover and inside pages). Then, check your final proof very carefully.

Proofing printing selling - Generate PDF-09

All good? Congratulations, you did it! It’s time to grant your final approval and send your yearbook to print!

02. Printing – Choose, Customize and Receive.

Your yearbook will be printed only once — make it count. Spend time thinking about how you want your book to physically look and feel.


Cover pages

Covers are printed on the same stock but on thicker sheets. You can select a gloss or a matt celloglaze. PUR binding offers increased binding strength — which is up to 60% stronger when compared to traditional perfect binding.

Proofing printing selling - How to make a yearbook - Printing - Cover Pages

Need a quote?


Inside pages

We’ve chosen the best possible stock to ensure ideal readability and great print quality. (Also because it’s very pleasant to touch!)

Proofing printing selling - How to make a yearbook - Printing - Inside Pages

4 reasons to print your yearbooks with Fusion

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Eco-friendly

Fusion utilizes ‘no-leftover’ production, recycled paper material, vegetable inks, and technologies geared towards avoiding waste. In the process of keeping the earth beautiful, you’ll also save money without sacrificing quality in return.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Quality assurance

Where quality meets affordability. Fusion offers you the highest quality printing options at competitive prices. Our PUR perfect binding method and state of the art machinery mean your yearbook is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Printed locally

See the preview of your full book. Note: The Danger Zone is on by default to help you see if faces or text are too close to the edge. You can turn it off at your own risk.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Free delivery

Standard Delivery: Get your yearbooks delivered to your school within 4 weeks after your final approval!
Express Delivery: Contact our sales team.

03. Marketing – Promoting & selling your yearbook

Below are a few examples and ideas for promoting and selling your yearbooks. If you need more examples, read our ultimate guide to yearbook marketing.

Sales Table

Staff an information table during lunch periods, athletic events, and other school activities so students can ask questions about what your yearbook will offer. Have information ready on pricing, features, and some design mock-ups to wow them. The more flyers and brochures you distribute, the potential for higher sales increases!

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Sales Table

Audio announcements

Take advantage of your school’s PA system to reach the entire student body. Keep your messages short and highlight the unique features your yearbook will offer. This is also a great way to attract students to your sales table and website.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Audio Announcements


Emailing is a great way to not only reach the students, but the parents as well. In most cases the parents are the ones funding the yearbooks, so it’s vital to keep them informed. It’s also the perfect tool to remind everyone of dates, prices, and sales.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Emailing

Social Media

Start early and stay consistent. Social media is a phenomenal medium to reach the student body with visuals and teasers. Build the hype for your yearbook all year round: post sneak-peeks of your stunning content, conduct surveys, and keep the student body aware of important dates.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Social Media

Student clubs

Invite other student clubs and organizations to help you promote your yearbook — this can help you reach audiences that are less accessible. If you have asked them to create special pages about their clubs, this is a great mutually-beneficial way to advertise for both parties.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Student Clubs

Flyers, posters and banners

Printed advertisement is a great way to keep your students reminded about your yearbook as they pass by your bulletins on a daily basis. Create visually intriguing flyers, posters, and banners to catch the attention of those passing. Then excite them with fun features and guide them to your sales table for more information.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Flyers, -Posters -_ Banners

Fundraising ideas

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Message from parents

Sell spaces within the yearbook for a couple of dollars where parents can write a personal message to their child.

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Selling ads

> Local Businesses
> Parents’ Businesses
> Other Schools
> Alumni
> Clubs & Associations

Proofing printing selling - LastSteps_Other ideas

> Carwash
> Sausage sizzle
> Mufti day
> Disco/Movie night
> Raffles
> Walk-a-thon
> Market Day/Festival

Guide How to Make a Yearbook

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