Stunning Graduation Yearbooks — Customizable and Professional.

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Graduation is a milestone in your students’ lives, and Fusion Yearbooks wants to give you the tools to capture that moment in all it’s glory.

Take advantage of our powerful online yearbook builder without needing any experience yourself! With the aid of impressive features, you will be able to create amazing covers and pages with ease and in no time at all.

Also, with a seemingly infinite amount of ways to adjust, enhance, and compose your photos, you can create beautiful visual spreads. Have all the parents and students Tweet you or tag their photos on Facebook for easy uploads, apply photo filters (like in Instagram) and frame the important ones in striking layouts.

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Captivating graduation yearbook covers — easy to create!

Create a graduation yearbook cover that is begging to be opened in 4 simple steps:

1- Choose from hundreds of lively layouts.

2- Upload your photos.

3- Generate your titles.

4- Save!

Incredible graduation yearbook pages — professionally designed templates.

Fusion Yearbooks has a vault of features that will allow you to create a graduation yearbook that screams with pride and style:

1- Start with a layout — pick your favorites from hundreds of options.

2- Upload your photos and enhance them with our photo-editor, filters, and unique frames!

3- Overlay text from close to 150 different fonts and insert graphic elements and objects.

4- Display the program, biographies, and commencement highlights with intriguing text-based templates.

Creative and efficient pages – even for non-designers!

You are going to have a lot of great pictures of your seniors at the graduation commencement, but don’t forget about the photos from families, friends, and your students themselves!

Collect the photos on Facebook and upload them with ease to gain a great mix of professional and candid shots — not to mention all the time you’ll save.

With great photo-themed templates and unique ways to customize your images, your graduation yearbook will soon pop with stunning photos your seniors will be looking back at for years to come.

Organizing content couldn’t be easier.

Creating a graduation yearbook without learning the in’s and out’s of a complex graphic designing software is what keeps us at Fusion Yearbooks producing the highest quality tools and templates so you don’t have to.

Take what we have and adapt it with ease to fit your purpose best. Coordinate the layout of your book with templates and annotated notes, then let others help you fill in the pages with multiple access capabilities.

You’ll find creating the perfect graduation yearbook something you don’t have to stress about, but something you will look forward to crafting.

Valedictorian-quality printing that stays in your budget.

Fusion Yearbooks has created a network of the best printers to deliver you the highest quality printing features —hard or soft covers, matte or glossy laminate, etc.

Also, enjoy the ability to make adjustments to your order right up until the last minute before printing to ensure you are getting perfection from cover to cover! With free standard delivery and order tracking, your budget will thank you for doing your graduation yearbook business with Fusion Yearbooks.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

How can I make sure my Graduation Yearbooks are delivered before the graduation day?

First, keep in mind that it takes maximum 4 weeks for your graduation yearbooks to be delivered once your final approval is granted. Ideally, book your delivery date as early as possible (if you already know the graduation day date). A step-by-step schedule will generate by itself in your project status section. The perfect way to know where you’re at anytime!

Can I involve students to help me create the book but also keep the final layout secret?

Fusion Yearbooks offers multi-access options. One of them is to invite all your students to answer a questionnaire and upload their profile photos without seeing any of your design. They can’t see other students’ answers either, which will make the distribution day the happening you are looking for. Of course, other levels of contribution let you invite your yearbook team to see or edit the pages you want.

What’s the cost for a graduation yearbook?

The price depends on the number of copies, the number of pages and all the finishing options you will choose from. As usual, the more quantity you order, the cheaper it is and you can adapt your configuration up to the last minute before going to print. Get your trial account and visit the order details section to generate multiple quotes and build the plan that works with you.

Start creating your graduation yearbook.

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