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Fusion Yearbooks brings to you the most powerful graphic design tools and features in an online software that is simple to learn and easy to use — no graphic design experience required.

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With a structured editorial account, you can remain organized and minimize on your workload — because yearbook crafting shouldn’t be stressful.

Create captivating covers and pages with a seemingly endless amount of free and professionally designed backgrounds, layouts and clipart. Access more than one million premium images and use them in your book for only $1.

With Fusion, designing a stunning corporate yearbook yourself is now incredibly simple.

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Lively corporate yearbook cover designs as unique as your Company.

Create a masterpiece in just 4 easy steps:

1- Pick a cover layout from hundreds of options.

2- Upload your images.

3- Type you titles.

4- Save your page.

Jaw-dropping corporate yearbook pages — entirely customizable.

Nothing we do at Fusion Yearbooks is bland or ordinary. Create a corporate yearbook with flair and style:

1- Choose from an array of hundreds of background themes.

2- Explore article-based templates with styles from modern to artsy.

3- Enhance your photos with photo-editors, filters, frames, etc.

4- Insert graphic shapes and clipart to guide your reader’s attention.

Save Time and Effort — Get Portraits Done in a Click.

You are far too busy to be spending hours uploading everyone’s portraits and creating their profiles.

That’s why Fusion has made the process easier than it has ever been. Follow these three simple steps get minimize time and maximize results:

1- Select a template to work in.

2- Set up a questionnaire for staff to fill out.

3- Invite everyone to fill out their information and upload their portraits using a special access code.

In no time at all, the tedious work has been lifted off your shoulders so you can focus elsewhere.

Tell the story of your company — intriguing article templates.

There’s a lot to say about your corporation and you should say it in style.

Incorporate photos, images, graphic elements and shapes. Add mood to business stories and employee recognition pages. Keep a few spreads to highlight your results.

Choose from a vast array of backgrounds and layouts, and save templates for others to work in as well.

Best-in-the-business printing that won’t break budget.

Our printing hubs provide you with the best printing features: hard or soft covers, glossy or matte laminate, etc. All with free standard delivery.

With online PDF proofing, Fusion gives you the ability to make changes up until the last second before printing. You can be confident that your corporate yearbook will arrive as amazing as you designed it.

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk.

Do we need to install anything? Is there specific requirements?

With Fusion, you don’t need any install. You and your staff can access the project simultaneously from any computer connected to the Internet. You can ask anyone (or just a small team) to participate choosing from multiple levels of contribution. No design skills needed!

Is it possible to use my own graphic elements in Fusion?

Yes. As any other company, you need all your documents to match your colors, logo and graphic elements. With Fusion, you can easily customize every single element using your own color codes. You can also upload your own elements and place them wherever you want in the book. You can even save and duplicate your templates to save time and maintain consistency.

How much my corporate yearbooks will cost me?

The price of your yearbooks depends on printing factors. Build the plan that is right for you starting from 10 copies of 24 pages. Generate multiple quotes in your free trial account (order details section). No hidden costs and no risks of leftovers.

How long does it take to get delivered? Is there any extra cost for delivery?

Your corporate yearbooks will be delivered within 4 weeks after your final approval at no extra cost to you (free standard delivery).

Boost your staff by creating an amazing corporate yearbook together.

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