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Looking for a way to celebrate your class friendships and memories? Create a class yearbook that stands out with Fusion Yearbooks.

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Time flies but memories last forever. Even if that saying is true, it’s much easier to make them last by printing them in a class yearbook! With Fusion, creating a yearbook is fun, engaging and collaborative. Drag and drop your best photos from your computer or Facebook, add sensational embellishments and play with hundreds of fonts. It’s so easy that you won’t even believe it!

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A great class yearbook starts with a professional-looking cover.

It’s just like a movie trailer – you really have to make it perfect if you want people to flip through the pages. Good news – with Fusion, creating a splendid cover is at your fingertips, even if you’ve never designed anything in your life:

1 – Choose from dozens of professional templates

2 – Drag and drop your images
, logos, and more

3 – Add a title and a slogan 
– 200+ fonts available!

4 – Customize
 and save.

Your class yearbook cover will look amazing in no time and you’ll be able to make it even more special with affordable printing options (matte or gloss celloglaze, hard or soft cover, plus more).

Your best memories, displayed in fantastic spreads.

You school is unique and it should be the same for your class yearbook. Powered by Canva, our online yearbook creator has been built to unleash your creativity. Start from thousands of striking templates, add your photos, arrows, charts, icons, photo filters or anything in between. Here is how:

1 – Browse through a variety of professional layouts tailored to your needs

2 – Add backgrounds, charts, and clipart to decorate your pages

3 – Be consistent from cover to cover (duplicate pages, elements, colors, photos filters, etc.)

But that’s not all. Have a look at our amazing guides to find inspiration. How to make a yearbook, what to write in yearbooks, the guide to yearbook photography – dozens of guides are available for you to create the class yearbook of your dreams.

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What if all your students could collaborate online?

Enabling everyone to be part of the creation process will make your project special. You’ll be able to save loads of time while keeping an eye on everyone’s progress. Choose from 3 levels of contribution to enable each student to play at their strengths:

1 – Easily organize your class yearbook team

2 – Give each student their own secured credentials so they can work at school or from home

3 – Let everyone express their creativity (completely or partially, it’s your call)

4 – Watch your book fill from A to Z

5 – Review and approve everything in a PDF proof before completing the project.

Every student should be represented equally in your class yearbook.

Don’t leave anyone behind thanks to the student profile pages! Make sure every student leaves a message and a photo in your class yearbook. Even better, invite everyone to participate online. Here is how:

1 – Choose and customize your favorite template.

2 – Build an online questionnaire (leave a message to your classmates, upload your favorite portraits, etc. )

3 – Invite them to fill their answers online
 (and to upload their photos)

4 – Review all the content collected

5 – Generate your whole profile set in one click!

For example, if you have 30 students in your class and decide to have 5 students per page, 6 pages will automatically be generated using your custom template! How good is that?

Professional printing at affordable prices.

How much does it cost to print a class yearbook with Fusion? It all depends on the number of pages, number of copies and printing options you decide to go with. With Fusion, you can adjust these specifications up to the last minute before printing. No commitments and no leftovers –it’s just a matter of finding the sweet spot to match your budget. Access our online quote calculator available in your account to see what it looks like!

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If you have any other questions, just visit our support desk or give us a shout at [email protected]

I don’t know where to start… What should I do?

Creating a class yearbook for the very first time can be overwhelming. That’s why we came up with a series of guides and tutorials to help you get started. We recommend you create a free account, we’ll guide you through the steps and share some tips and tricks. You’ll realize that it’s as easy as writing an email! If you have any questions, feel free to have a look through our help center and our blog: you’ll find plenty of tips and inspiration.

Can I involve more people in the project like parents or teachers?

Yes, absolutely. Fusion Yearbooks is a multi-user yearbook builder. You can involve who you want and they can work from home if needed. Allocate the pages you want to the people you want and follow their progress wherever you are. Teachers can work simultaneously on their part from school. Parents can help their kid from home. All talents are welcome!

Create a stunning class yearbook.

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