Yearbooks aren’t just for Schools


‘It’s incredible the power of a yearbook. We have been creating yearbooks for schools for a while now, although last year was the first year we created one internally for our company. I thought we would do it for a laugh, although the response has been incredible.

It is a great way to show your staff that you care about them

The employment market is increasingly competitive and alarmingly for some companies, it is not just staff wages that are the most important factor to attract great staff. The importance of having a great work environment, where people look forward to coming to work, is becoming increasingly important. When I was in San Francisco recently, where the job market for engineers is incredibly fickle, an engineer said to me, ‘We don’t want to feel the work is being extracted from us’. I couldn’t agree more, your job can never just be a ‘day job’, you are spending such a huge portion of your life at work, arguably the best hours and years of your life; as directors and managers it is our duty to not only affect our team’s enjoyment at work, but to affect their lives.

A yearbook is an excellent opportunity to tell your staff you care about them, you appreciate their efforts. Our staff proudly showed their family and friends, we even had special requests for additional copies of our yearbook so they could be sent back home to parents living overseas.

So what do you include in a company yearbook?

Company yearbooks can be as simple or as complex as you want. One of our favorite part of of our yearbook is the Profile section, this is where each of our staff answered a few questions about the year’s events.

Previously my experience of profile pages came from when I was at school: the graduating class created a yearbook and everyone had to fill out their responses using pen and paper, submit them and one poor girl had to type them all up. Luckily technology has come a long way since then and profiles can be created very easily using Fusion Books online system. Each company gets a special code and their employees can simply fill out their profiles online which is automatically submitted into their yearbook. Of course your marketing manager can read over the profiles before they are printed.

We also included snaps we took throughout the year, at the office and at social events. At the start of the yearbook I included a special message to our staff in the form of a poem to make it interesting.

It provides a great opportunity to celebrate your team and your company achievements, also to highlight the little things that made your office a great place to work.

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