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Technology has changed the yearbook industry. Back in earlier days, the yearbook process was defined with what was available: It was photocopying a hand-made collage. It was hiring a professional photographer and a graphic designer. It was installing expensive design software and spending hours learning how to use it. In other words, a complex or expensive process.

More recently, all of this has been streamlined into an easy-to-use tool like Fusion Yearbooks’ online yearbook builder. Why? To save you time, money and to turn this tedious work into an educational and collective experience.

Sometimes evolution can bring about new issues and expectations. Here’s an example: everyone is now capable of taking photos with a smartphone. Have you ever been disappointed by average quality photos in your yearbook? Blurry, pixelated or perhaps something else? Well, it’s a common problem. Even using the best digital camera doesn’t make you a professional photographer. Using the best design software doesn’t make you an artist. We all know that, and the truth is it’s a long learning process.

At Fusion, we understand this situation. We’ve identified emerging difficulties and discovered new insights related to yearbook design. Knowing this, we’ve worked hard to turn them into new features that any non-designer or non-photographer could easily use. Offering access to a million image library was part of this development.

So, what is it exactly and how does it work? Keep reading, and find out…

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What’s the point of using yearbook stock photography?

In the last few years, we’ve noticed that yearbookers were often using bad quality photos. Why? Because they don’t always have the choice.

A classic case: a group of students goes for a school trip in Italy. They take photos with their smartphones but because they want to take hundreds of pictures, they don’t set the highest resolution available on their camera. As a result, their memory cards are full of souvenirs but none of the shots are suitable for a full page in the yearbook…

So what to they do? They can use their bad quality photos, which isn’t ideal. Or they can search for other photos on the Internet, limited by three major factors: format, quality and copyright.

To make things easier, we’ve added access to Canva’s million image library directly in the yearbook page creator.

You can now search for yearbook stock photos and drag them directly into your book. This will save you a lot of time, ensures that the copyright is OK and the quality is perfect for printing.

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How does it work exactly?

1 – Login to your Fusion Account.

yearbook stock photo 1

2 – Create a new page or open any page of your yearbook.

3 – Select a layout and drag it onto your page.

4 – Use the search bar to browse the library of stock photos.

Let’s say you’ve already dropped your own photos and text on the page. The design looks great but you feel that it’s still missing a little something. If you think that using another image could be the solution, just type any keyword in the search bar and see what’s available in the stock photo library.

Secret tip!

Type “Fusion Features” in the search bar and access the latest backgrounds and elements designed by the Fusion team.

This collection is constantly growing and is all free to use!

Note: When you search for “fusion features” make sure to include the quotation marks.


5 – Select your favourite images and drag them onto your page.

That’s pretty much it!

What’s the cost for using yearbook stock photography?

Let’s sum up the types of images you can use in Fusion:

1 – You can upload your own images for free (no maximum number of uploads, no cost).

2 – You can use hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, fonts and clipart.

3 – You can also use over a million yearbook stock photos at $1 per use.

What is free?

Fusion Yearbooks provide you with hundreds of free:

– Layouts (article pages, photo pages, profile pages, group photo pages, autograph pages, etc.)

– Backgrounds (textured or coloured backgrounds)

Fonts (over 150 to choose from)

– Clipart (thousands of free and customisable graphics, lines, icons, illustrations, etc.)

All those images show a ‘Free’ sign like in the example below.

yearbook stock photo free


Some of our layouts display a $ sign. This $ sign doesn’t mean that using the layout will cost you money. This only means that this layout has been built with premium images to give you a better idea of the end result.

Simply replace the premium images with your own photos and the ‘Free’ sign will appear again.


To locate the premium images on a layout, hover over the layout and click the little ‘i’ on the bottom left of the image. It will give you the list of the premium images that are on the page. This will make it easier for you to replace them.

What is not free?

You can choose from over 1 million images from some of the world’s best photographers. All the images that are not free show a $1 sign.

yearbook stock photo 12

When you sign up to Fusion Yearbooks, you get 100 free credits to use yearbook stock photos.

When signing up to Fusion Yearbooks, every project starts with 100 free credits that you can use for premium images. This means that:

> You can use 100 different premium images in your yearbook for free.


> You can use the same image 100 times eg: as a page background.

How do I know how many free credits I have left?

This little piggy bank tells you how many free credits you have left. It starts from 100, and goes down until you reach 0.

Once you’ve used all your free credits, each premium photo will cost you $1 per use.

So basically, not much has changed – you still have unlimited storage to upload all your photos for free, and access to a library of hundreds of free clipart and backgrounds. But now you also have a library of over 1 million stock images to help you give your pages that extra little pop.

We hope that this feature will help you! Have any questions or concerns? Just leave a message here and I’ll answer your questions personally.

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