Yearbook Photos: resolution and definition

Yearbook photo resolution

Creating your Yearbook is an art…. taking and choosing good quality photos is NOT!

What is definition?
When you buy a digital camera, one of the first things that the sales person will tell you is how many pixels that particular model has.  What they are talking about here is the definition of your camera.  This the maximum number of pixels that your image can contain.  The higher the number of pixels means the quality of your photo will be better and sharp on your computer screen. However, keep in mind that the number of pixels is not the only factor in taking good quality photos that are suitable for printing.

What is the resolution?
Measured in dots per inch (DPI), it is the number of ink dots a printer can print on one inch (2.54 cm).  The resolution or the print quality of your image gets better when there are more points printed on the surface.

What can you do to ensure great Yearbook photos?
First, make sure to set your camera on the highest resolution possible. This will allow you to take best quality photos. If you must use your Iphone (I know this is now my primary camera) use HD mode.  After importing your yearbook photos to your computer, make sure to check the resolution (with software like Paint, Photoshop, Preview, etc.) just to be sure that everything is in order, you do not need to check all of your Yearbook photos if all your photos are taken from the same camera.

In the Fusion Yearbook System and in the world, there are two primary photo resolutions:

> 72 DPI are for the images to be viewed on a screen or online in sites such as FacebookAttention, this image resolution is not intended to be printed, but rather to be viewed on a screen quickly (the low resolution makes loading time faster and more efficient).

> 300 DPI are for images meant to be printed.  This is the best resolution for your yearbook photos.  The file size will be larger, but you will have a better idea of the actual size and look of your image once it is printed.

To summarize, set your camera to the maximum resolution and make sure to set your image resolution 300 DPI (or nearest). When you import your yearbook photos to Fusions yearbook design app, the highest quality photo possible will be sent to print, however when viewing on screen only a 72 dpi version is used.

If you have any questions on the subject of Yearbook Photos, do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

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