Year 13

After finally finishing twelve years of schooling, the main thing on school graduates’ minds is when the leavers’ celebrations start. Not many students are excited about starting university, especially when the leavers’ celebrations haven’t really finished. Many students opt to take a GAP year which is quite simply a year of freedom. I am interested to address the pros and cons of bridging GAP.

A GAP year gives students the opportunity to defer their studies and to travel and to experience life away from the regimented world of studying. People take GAP years for a number of reasons ranging from uncertainty about their career paths, missing out of a wanted university placement, to travel or to volunteer.

GAP years are a great way for students to sit back, relax and find the meaning of their lives. The problem with GAP years is that students get too comfortable in their new lifestyles and they postpone the opportunity to go to university.  People even keep putting off and never go back to uni! The attractiveness of earning a wage at their job takes over the desire to study. There is also the travel bug which sucks people in and never spits them out.

I am a firm believer in getting on with it. Keep on studying and get your degree on a roll. First year seems like a breeze compared to year 12 and you actually get the opportunity to study a subject that hopefully is of interest to you. If it isn’t, then you should probably transfer… when you are in the university system this is easy.

The fun times don’t really stop when you reach university, in my opinion they get much better, especially when you turn 18! The tavern is right next door to your library which becomes a far more attractive option.  Also there are lots of organised university clubs and parties where you get to meet new people.

When you have the piece of paper to say that you are qualified in this or that then you can catch the travel bug, explore the world and volunteer until your heart is content. Alternatively, you could use the degree to get a job.

Just get uni over and done with- it really isn’t that bad.

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