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Are you looking for a unique career path? Something that will be cool and cutting edge in the future?

It is interesting to think that 30 years ago today’s common jobs were not part of the business landscape. Any job related to the computer or the internet just simply didn’t exist. Imagine any office today without the internet, a website, email, a graphic designer or an IT person. It is completely unheard of. It is interesting to think which jobs will be available in another 30 years.

Technology and computing
Technology based jobs are absolutely booming! This area is definitely going to continue to grow in the future. If you have an interest in computers you are going to be set to find a cool job in the future. This area covers a whole range of professions. Consider jobs such as Information Technology (IT), network engineers, program designers, website design, graphic design, game programming.. and the list goes on.

Social Responsibility
Large global companies are putting greater emphasis on their corporate social responsibility. This relates to the impact the companies have on the communities they are working in. This impact may be environmental or social depending on the nature of the business. A large number of companies are going ‘green’ and putting particular emphasis on reduced impact on the natural environment. In the future, there will be specific company departments specifically focused on finding the new and innovative ways to fulfil the company’s CSR.

Finding replacements of new resources
With the world shortage of natural resources, innovations will be needed in the future to find alternative resources. This concept is slowly emerging with the development of wind farms and solar panels to create electricity. Desalination plants have also been created to produce drinking water from sea water. Jobs in the areas of development of new resources are going to be flourishing in the future. If this area interests you perhaps consider studying in the areas of environmental engineering or environmental science.

Medical Advancements
The medical profession is another area of research which has grown in the technological age. In the past ten years there have been major advancements in the diagnoses and treatment of diseases due to the development of new technology. If you are the type of person who wants to find a cure for cancer this area is your calling.

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