Tips For Creating The Perfect Profile Photo

How to look great in a perfect profile photo

We’ve all seen it before…  Funny looking yearbook photos that are immortalised forever.  Even famous actors and actresses have not been spared of this curse.  Once in a while their funky yearbook photos resurface for everyone to see!  You really cannot guarantee that your profile photo will be perfect but here are a few tips on help you to achieve that.

  1. Make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before the photo.  This will ensure that you will look bright-eyed and fresh rather than looking tired, sleepy and accidentally flashing a yawn instead of a smile.
  2. Keep you hair well groomed.
  3. Wear something that is uniquely you.  Your profile page is a reflection of who you are.  Your photo should show off your personality.
  4. Required to wear the uniform?  Don’t fret.  Just because you’ll be wearing the same outfit as the whole class does not mean that you have to blend in.  Just sit up straight and wear your best smile.
  5. And lastly, just relax and take it easy!

Hopefully these simple tips will help you have an awesome photo for your yearbook.

Celebrity Photo images taken from 25 Totally Awesome & Awkward Yearbook Photos of the Rich & Famous
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