Tips For A Memorable Graduation Yearbook

Tips on graduation yearbook


There comes a time when we all graduate, whether from Primary School, High school or even University. It is a special occasion that is marked as an achievement in life.  As time passes by, a lot of these wonderful memories can be lost and forgotten.  Have you ever experienced searching frantically for a lost photograph or a contact detail of a friend that you’ve scribbled on a random piece of paper?  We sure have!  That is why we believe that a well planned graduation book should not only serve as an awesome keepsake but should also help you avoid these problems.

Ideally like all yearbooks, a Graduation Yearbook should have a great representation of all the wonderful events that happened throughout the year.  But in a Graduation Book there should be more emphasis on personalized messages and contact details since you are no longer returning the next school year.

Here are some tips to help you make a fantastic Graduation Book:

Tips for a fantastic Graduation Book:

1. Include signature pages in your Yearbook for your friends to leave you messages. Include a signature page so you can jot down personalized messages and leave contact numbers to keep in touch.  Don’t forget to make sure that the page design will not make the messages difficult to read.

2. Creative individual profile page to highlight individual flair. Make each student profile page more interesting by adding creative and funny (but appropriate) questions along with the usual.

3. Gather Photos from different sources.  Include plenty of images, ranging from fun activities, carnivals, school photos (muck up too of course!) – In a few years time when you look back, you can see all the fun you had. Reach out to other parents, teachers or even friends.

4. Stick to a theme – A unified theme will make your Yearboook look more polished and coordinated

5. Preserve memories – Include a “time capsule” of all the cool and not so cool trends.  You can make a collage of photos showing all of different fashion styles, technology – computers, phones and other memorable things.  You should also include lists of the popular songs, shows, movies etc.

6. Double check the digits – Make sure that all contact details – phone numbers and e-mail addresses are all correct and matched correctly

7. Make it awesome!  This is your last yearbook so make the most of it

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