50 Most Accurate Memes For Teachers

50 Teacher Memes

Teaching is a way of life few people understand, isn’t it?

Your friends, your partner and your family just never seem to quite get it when you tell them about your problems. But, luckily for you, we know exactly what you’re talking about.

In this article are 50 funny teacher memes that capture your life as a teacher perfectly. Because, well, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry, right?

01. When you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to…

Teacher memes 01 - question asked

“But, Sir, what’s that got to do with Shakespeare?”

02. When you had plans to go home but you find out about another meeting

Teacher memes 02 - another meeting

So much for that ‘social life’ thing you were going to try.

03. The real reason you have to get up so early in the morning.

Teacher memes 03 - early mornings

Coffee should probably be tax free for teachers, right?

05. This million dollar questions (and business idea)…

Teacher memes 04 - million dollar question

The kind that comes in a bottle. Or a box. Or a glass. Or, you know, as long as it’s wet.

06. The political view that bonds you with every other teacher on earth.

Teacher memes 05 - political view on teaching

Please, tell me more about that time you observed a Geography class in 1996.

07. Going through any means necessary to not teach that class at 2pm on a Friday.

Teacher memes 06 - not that class on friday

Kids are like T-Rex’s, if you don’t move, they can’t see you, right?

08. This blueprint for your next Resume update.

Teacher memes 07 - next resume

…while you’re in the middle of a drought and all the entire Fire Service is on strike.

09. When you’ve read too many essays in Comic Sans…

Teacher memes 08 - stop comic sans ms

Wingdings need not apply.

10. …and they’re always the ones that come in late.

Teacher memes 09 - late assignments

If only the shredder came with a silencer.

11. But, at least those late assignments and terrible fonts can keep you hydrated.

Teacher memes 10 - student tears

And for dinner? Hopes and dreams of course!

12. When you hear something inappropriate but you try to stay professional.

Teacher memes 11 - inappropriate

It’s always from the ones you don’t like, too.

13. That day you realise you definitely have seen it all

Teacher memes 12 - freaking

Every horror film becomes a comedy after the third year on the job.

14. What you’re secretly thinking every time you speak to a parent

Teacher memes 14 - parent teacher

Ahh, being a smart-ass is a genetic trait. Go figure.

15. And what you think whenever you see a fresh faced teacher straight out of college

Teacher memes 15 - welcome to teaching

Welcome to paradise, Steven.

16. You always have to remember to savour the small victories in your day though, like this…

Teacher memes 16 - copy room no line

The gift that keeps on giving.

17. And this…

Teacher memes 17 - Staff meeting cancelled

The once a calendar year treat.

18. And, if all else fails, this…

Teacher memes 18 - this was a good day

Honestly, some days I’m just glad I survived.

19. When you’re just trying to live a normal life outside school

Teacher memes 19 - life outside school

No, Jessica, you don’t get extra credit for helping me choose the best cereal.

20. Trying to explain to a student what it’s really like to be a teacher

Teacher memes 20 - explain students what a teacher is

…and the computer is on fire.

21. The answer you’ve been dying to give to the students that miss a day

Teacher memes 20 - why absent

Yay, extra homework for you.

22. The feeling of finally getting some Job Satisfaction…

Teacher memes 22 - when i finally read a paper

I’m going to take my time with this one, because the next one is definitely a D+ at best.

23. …just to have it stripped away moments later

Teacher memes 23 - dont always sit at my desk

“Oh, hey…I wasn’t expecting you.”

24. Having a child so frustrating it haunts you for years…

Teacher memes 10 - frustrating kid

You’d rather teach Damien than ever go near that child again.

25. …then finding out they have a version 2.0 on the way

Teacher memes 25 - siblings

“I wonder if schools in China are still hiring?”

26. Knowing that, sometimes, you’re just fighting a losing battle

Teacher memes 26 - win the battle

Well, there goes 45 minutes…

27. The reality of telling a joke in the classroom

Teacher memes 27 - joke in the classroom

Just because it worked at the copy machine doesn’t mean it’ll work in the classroom.

28. When you realise you can’t unsee that note you just found

Teacher memes 28 - note found in hallway

Wait…can the human body even do that?

29. Never being able to really switch off from work

Teacher memes 29 - bad habits

Your partner’s pens and pencils are all in pots too, aren’t they?

30. When you actually get into a conversation you enjoy at the copy machine

Teacher memes 30 - conversation copy machine

“We’ll have to continue this discussion about Game of Thrones tomorrow, Janice”

31. Being thrust into an environment full of sickness carrying children, but never being able to take a sick day

Teacher memes 31 - sick day

God forbid you ever lose a leg.

32. You always know what the first question is going to be straight after you’ve given directions…

Teacher memes 32 - giving direction to students

What were you even doing for the last five minutes, Jeremy?

33. …and the perfect way to deal with it

Teacher memes - 33 explain exact same way

If all else fails, you could definitely take up acting. Scripts are your thing.

34. But, you know what you’d really like to say

Teacher memes 34 - ask before you ask

It’s literally written in a big bold font in front of you. You just have to read for, like, two seconds…

35. Wishing you’d thought of this idea first

Teacher memes 35 - wishing you thought of this idea first

Think this will work with the book Of Mice And Men as well?

36. Getting a horrible insight into the world of the future

Teacher memes 36 - world of the future

“Is that a dagger I see before me?”
“LOL, yeah m8, what u gonna do?”

37. Finally getting one up on a smart-ass kid

Teacher memes 37 - smart ass kid

Or a really great new storage space.

38. Opening your paycheque at the end of each month

Teacher memes 38 - when opening paycheque

Not even Mark Zuckerberg works this much.  

39. When you’ve just printed your 700th hallway pass

Teacher memes 39 - printed 700 hallway pass

I bet she was really annoyed after putting in all that effort and it got lost anyway.

40. Wondering where your social life went, and then remembering this…

teacher memes 40 - no social life

“What do you mean there are two 10 o’clocks in the day?!”

41. And, when you do make plans, you have to account for time to deal with what you’ve built up over the day

Teacher memes 41 - you know you're a teacher when

At least there’s no gum in your hair today…

42. Because, let’s be honest, it’s rare you get through a day without something like that happening

Teacher memes 42 - coffee stains

Coffee, why do that to me? I love you!

43. Having no idea how this happens to your hands every single day

Teacher memes 43 - dirty hands

“Did a pen explode? I don’t remember a pen exploding.”

44. When you need to be brutally honest with those kids that are away with the fairies

Teacher memes 44 - time is passing

Shortly followed by, “The bell is for me, not for you!”

45. The dream of, just once, turning your class into a sociological experiment

Teacher memes 45 - social experiment

This isn’t illegal, right?

46. Thinking up imaginative ways to set the tone for the rest of the year

Teacher memes 46 - set the tone for the rest of the year

At least it’s not lions…

47. Dealing with this kid almost every day

Teacher memes 47 - dealing with this kid every day

You just heard me tell him not to do that with the spoon. Oh, and now you’re crying. Even better.

48. The most important thing in your life after coffee and carbohydrates…

Teacher memes 48 - the most important thing in life

Laminate is life. Life is laminate.

49. When students forget you do have power over some aspects of their life

Teacher memes 49 - when students forget your power

You don’t get a recess, so why should they?

50. Remembering when someone talked you into becoming a teacher

Teacher memes 50 - becoming a teacher

“I know my self respect is in here somewhere”

Any other hilarious teacher memes to share? Feel free to leave a comment!

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