How to create a Scrapbook Theme for your yearbook


Are you looking for design ideas and inspiration? Try this Scrapbook Theme to add a fun and creative dimension to your yearbook style.

Here are four easy steps to give your yearbook a scrapbook style in no time.

Step One: Select your backgrounds


Choose your backgrounds – we have many scrapbook themed backgrounds from our Fusion Online System for you to choose from.


Step Two: Select your fonts


Choose your fonts – we recommend selecting fonts that look handwritten to match the Scrapbook theme. You can use this for your page headings and titles. Next, select a font for the main body text – choose something will remain legible at a small size.


Step Three: Select your motifs


‘What exactly is a motif?’ you may ask – well here’s the definition of a motif:

Motif – noun. a distinctive and recurring form, shape, figure etc., in a design.

Use your motifs to carry a the theme across your yearbook to look consistent. Motifs are the additional visual elements used to ramp up your designs and add extra appeal.

We have Fusion Features on the Fusion Online System for you to use as your motifs; washi tape is great for decorating the edges of images, and polaroids can frame your images. There are also a mixture of hand-drawn features and stickers to add to your overall look.


Once you have these three steps organised you can continue to the next step – layering.


Step Four: Layering


Here is the fun part! Start arranging your Scrapbook themed yearbook pages, layering your background, images and text.

Here’s how to arrange a Photo page in this theme. You can use the same steps to design other page types for the rest of your yearbook.

  1. Background: Choose a background and apply it to your page.

  2. Layout: Select the layout you wish to use. When selecting the layout you also have the option to select how many images you wish to display.

  3. Add photos: Upload your images and place them in the image boxes of the layout that was chosen. You have now completed the basis of your layout.

  4. Arrange your page: Turn on your Danger Zone for this next step – this will help you arrange your elements within the printing area. Activate Fusion Freedom – this tool gives you the ability to adjust your images to the sizes and angles to your liking. Rotate by using the circular arrow inside the image, and adjust the size of the image by holding the corner of the image and dragging the image box to the desired size.

  5. Add motifs (Fusion Features):

Once images are in place, you can now add your motifs/Fusion Features.

Some decorating ideas:

  1. Washi tape: stick these to the corners of your images.

  2. Pins and Paper Clips: add these to decorate your page.

  3. Polaroids are a great motif to use throughout your scrapbook theme. These work as image boxes, so consider leaving space within your layout to incorporate these.

You can repeat these steps for your other page types. Remember to have fun and enjoy creating your yearbook!

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