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When Year 6 students create their own personal pages the result is outstanding! How do I know? Because Roseville Public School put that to the test.

A great way to encourage young students’ self expression is through art, so why not make it a part of your yearbook? Yearbook coordinator Alisoun G. says that this approach gives them a personal and unique publication every time!

With a little bit of help from teachers and parents this is a highly collaborative project. Would you like to find out more about how they did it? Keep on reading!

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Your yearbook is featuring 65 individual profile pages – all with their own custom design. How did you come up with the idea?

The school yearbook has always used the idea of the students designing their own pages – in the olden days that was as a word document or powerpoint page that had to be individually collated in some way but now with Fusion Yearbooks the kids can all create a unique page using the fonts and logos provided and just adding their own touches with photos, graphics etc.

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It’s not every day you see so many different profile designs in a yearbook! How did you manage it all?

We had a team of parents that collated the information and created many of the photo pages within the yearbook. Everyone was assigned a login whether they were parents or students and emailed that information. Detailed explanations were also sent to help them to create their page.

We also ran an information session one afternoon at school in the computer lab so that students could come in, log in and start to play with the Fusion website to get used to the software.

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We know how students like to do their homework… How did it go with the yearbook? What did you do to have them deliver their creations on time?

The adults on the yearbook team had already had a play and could assist with issues and show students how to create things. Later we assisted those students that had really struggled with using the computer with some one-on-one assistance to ensure that everyone’s page reflected their personality in a unique way.

We also had to send a lot of reminders and locked pages when they were finished so that students had an end point so they could not continue to play. We set the deadline a lot earlier than we needed to so that the team had time to ensure that all pages were completed and ready to go to print.

The only hiccup was the long delay in getting the teachers’ reports! We also made a conscious decision not to correct spelling or grammar as this also reflected the students and their unique personalities.

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How did the contributors find it creating their own pages?

I think they enjoyed it. The personalities really do shine through from the boy who loved orange and wanted no photos to the girls (and boys) who loved all the bells and whistles and wanted to add each and every one of them to their page!

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Do you think using students as contributors had a positive impact on your yearbook?

Absolutely – it means that every year while it might be a similar concept we get a unique yearbook because the cohort is different from year to year!

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