How to Organize And Categorize Your Yearbook

cluttered page

 “Less is more”

The idea that simplicity and clarity lead to good design.”Doing more with less” is key in design. When we have too much of one thing, it becomes clutter.  


Consistency is a main element that pops up quite often in producing your Yearbook.  Often schools use many different fonts throughout the entire book and that may create inconsistency and sometimes may be a bit too much on the eyes.

Try to limit your font choices to 2-3 at most.  You can pick a fancier font for the article title and use a simpler, reader friendly font for the rest of the content.

Photos and elements

Digital cameras has made documenting events a lot easier for us, but do we really need all those images?  It may be tempting to put all the photos you have in (and of every angle too) but try to pick out only the best to feature.  Having a few awesome photos will have more impact than a whole page crammed with tiny ones that look similar.  If you plan to add some cool features from our extensive Fusion Books features library keep in mind to select the ones that compliment your pictures.


The Fusion Books system offers a fantastic array of backgrounds to choose from but you should be careful with your selections.  Picking the wrong background can take the focus off your content.  When using a dark background make sure that your font colour is light to make it stand out and not blend in.

You can also create your own background and upload it on the system.  You can simply repeat this background throughout your Yearbook by just duplicating your page to create a consistent look.  If you want a little variety you can create slight colour variations for this background to separate the different sections of your book.   This not only creates consistency but also takes away many hours of design work!

Remember, consistency is key – Not overwhelming yourself nor the reader with too many colour combinations or text fonts, backgrounds.  Here are some examples of lovely pages we’ve designed on our fusion system.

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