How to create a Modern Theme for your yearbook

Modern Theme

Want to design a sophisticated yearbook? This modern theme combines a number of simple and stylish elements to ensure your memorable moments are preserved in style for many years to come!

The following three steps will help you in the creative process.


Step One: Style

Modern Style

Consistent style techniques will help tie your modern theme together. In this blog we have four techniques that will enhance the style of your yearbook.

1. Block titles

Block titles help to emphasize your title text. Start by adding a text box to your page; in this example we used red. Drag the corners of the box to fit the shape of your heading or body of text. Click on the green down-arrow which will place the box behind your text and change your text colour to white for the best contrast and readability.

2. Wide margins

Create an article page that is easy on the reader’s eye by incorporating white space. This can be done by creating two or three columns and dragging the corners of the text box towards the centre of your page. Don’t worry about the blank space around your text – this helps to simplify your design.

3. Desaturated images

For a contemporary style try using desaturated (black and white) images. This can be achieved either by changing the settings on your camera when shooting or by using an image-processing program such as Photoshop. You’ll need to apply this effect to your images before uploading them to the Fusion Online System.

4. Full page images

To achieve a more sophisticated look to your yearbook, it’s important to carefully consider image placement. For a section divider, let your image “bleed” to the edge of the page – meaning your image takes up the whole space. Always check your image content – you don’t want to have anyone’s face cut off – make sure they aren’t within the red danger zone.


Step Two: Layout

Modern Layout


Once deciding on a modern design theme it’s best to use a white background. It will keep your design looking fresh and help the reader focus on the content that counts.


Step Three: Fonts

Modern Fonts

You’ll want your title font to be striking. Pick a bold sans serif font such as Raleway and capitalise letters for maximum impact. This can be carried through to the image captions as well. For your main body of text, keep it clean and use a simple sans serif font in a two or three column layout.


Step Four: Profiles

Modern Profile

To complement the modern style, get students to upload informal photos of themselves. Add a red border to the photos and try to keep the number of profiles to no more than 9 per page.

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