Interview with the Milton State School Yearbook Coordinator

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“A yearbook is worth a thousand scanned images…” or what was it again?

Let’s start from the beginning. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there’s more to it. Art isn’t just something that’s interesting to look at, it actually improves our health and makes us happier when creating it.

There are many ways to incorporate art in our lives, so why not do the same in the yearbook? Milton State School chose to celebrate their 125th anniversary by creating a publication purely displaying students’ artwork. We had a quick chat with their yearbook coordinator Kylie D. to see how they made it all happen, but for the rest we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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We’ve never seen such a massive visual arts project in a yearbook before – it’s incredible to say the least! Why did you choose this direction when creating your 125th Anniversary yearbook?

It was very collaborative, we were brainstorming what we’d like to do for our current students, ideas that would be beautiful and meaningful to celebrate our 125th, we were searching for a project that would be arty, and individual and yet more powerful as a collective and very child centred, what better way than asking students to represent their school visually? The spaces and places they explore each day at school, from different perspectives and angles.

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The yearbook has 220 pages filled with students’ art. How did you organise it all in terms of creating the content?

The collaboration was mainly our Artist in residence, myself as the Deputy and a tiny team of parents who were design minded. Our lead parent helper works as a graphic designer.

Milton State School Yearbook - Q2-Anniversary

After creating all the art, you’ve done a huge job collecting it all and scanning the material. To top it off, it’s all in outstanding quality! How did you solve this?

We had a strict process managed by two Admin helpers with the scanning and saving. This was organised by our lead graphic designer helper.

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Could you share some time-saving tips when creating a yearbook of this size?

Be organised, set deadlines, pull on each other’s strengths and communicate effectively.

Milton State School Yearbook - Q4-Spreads

What are the main things that you learned about creating this yearbook?

Having an aspirational vision and high standard and full commitment from all team members makes a huge difference!

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