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Collecting photos is such a challenge in the yearbook creation process. Don’t worry we got you sorted! Discover an entirely new way to categorize your photos with Fusion Yearbooks.

Content collection is no easy task… First, you need to motivate people to help you. Then, you have to make sure they will send you relevant and usable images (the resolution being a major constraint).

When receiving hundreds of photos from students and teachers, you also need to manage them efficiently. Being able to upload them in batches and to organise them simply becomes an absolute priority to start designing your pages in good conditions. We have streamlined this process in a brand new feature: the photo folders.

In the lines below, you will discover:
> How to create a photo folder and upload one or multiple photos in it
> How to move a photo from a folder to another (if you have uploaded your photos already for example)

Plus a few tips to better organise your folders and save time when collecting your photos.

Start testing the photo folders right away.

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1 – How to create photo folders and how to upload photos in them?

Step 1

Open your favorite web browser, login to your Fusion account and enter a page of your yearbook.

Photo folders Yearbook Feature 1

Step 2

Visit the upload section in the left column of your yearbook builder.

Photo folders Yearbook Feature 2

Step 3

Upload your images in your new folder.

Photo folders Yearbook Feature 3

TIP: 3 ways to organize your photo folders

Create a folder
per section

Doing so will help you classify your photos easily.  Logic and understandable by everyone, this method will prevent you from unfortunate mistakes. This is the one we recommend.

Create a folder
per photographer
If you have a dedicated team of photographers, you can also have them upload their photos in their own photo folders. This can be a great help if you need to add the photo credits.

Create a folder
per page
For this one, you need to have a clear idea of your book structure before you start. When designing, finding the right photos will be pretty obvious. But keep in mind that your book can evolve during the year so be careful with the naming of your photo folders.

Step 4

All your photos are now in the right place!

Photo folders Yearbook Feature 4

2 – How to move a photo from a folder to another?

If you have already uploaded your photos, you can still re-dispatch them in other folders. Being able to find the right photos straight away will save you a lot of time for your designs. To move a photo to another folder, roll over it and follow the steps below.

Photo folders Yearbook Feature 5

What do you think? I hope this will help you save time on your project. Do not hesitate to drop a comment if you have any questions.

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After a degree in corporate journalism and 4 years in a publishing agency in Paris, Julien fell into digital. Passionate about content in general, he loves turning good ideas into practical tips & tricks. That's just one of the things he does at Fusion Yearbooks, as a Digital and Content Manager.

  • Susan Beale

    Can you make a folder within a folder? I have so many folders relating to different things and it would make life easier if I could do this.

    • Hey Susan, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to create a folder within a folder. To have fewer folders, my recommendation would be to have one folder per topic, article or section. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to the product team so they can keep it in mind for future developments :)

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