How To Take Care Of Your Yearbook

how to tace care

So it’s finally here!  The fabulous yearbook you’ve been editing, proof reading and selecting photos for is finally in your hands!  With all the care and effort that you put into making it, it would be a shame to just let it fall apart.  Here are some tips and reminders on how you can keep your Fusion Yearbook looking great throughout the years.

1. Keep it away from liquids.  Accidents happen and you definitely do not want that nice cup of tea spilling on your fabulous yearbook!


2. Are you the type who likes to snack while reading?  If you are, make sure that your hands are clean when you handle your  book.  Try to avoid crumbly food and ones that are covered in flavoring like cheese powder.  Aside from the danger of having oil stains on the pages there is also the possibility of leaving crumbs inside the book.

cheesy fingers3. Easy on the Spine.  Although your Fusion Book yearbook is built to last it is always a good practice to handle it with care.


4. Watch out for those ink stains!  Make sure that the ink is dry in the autographs page before closing your book.  Be prepared with quick dry markers to avoid any ink blotting on other signatures.

5. Edges looking a bit worn?  We don’t blame you.  We know that this yearbook is your new favorite book!  Avoid the folded/curled edges — or the “dog ears” by placing a heavy object (or another book) on top of your yearbook when not in use.  This will help straighten those edges and keep those pages looking new and crisp.

dog eared

We sure hope that you will keep these simple tips in mind.  Remember, just a little care goes a long way!

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