How To Get Everyone Involved In Your Yearbook Process

Getting everyone involved in the yearbook creation process can be a bit tricky.  Here are some tips to help you involve the whole school in the process.
1.  Make sure that all students are included in the yearbook — not just the most active or popular ones.


2.  Take lots of photographs of students, events and school activities.  Share it on the school’s official Facebook page – if there is one.  If not, start one dedicated to this year’s yearbook. This will make it easier for the yearbook committee to collect images for the book since everyone can easily access and upload their images online.  Just make sure that you select the best high resolution photos to include in your book.

3.  Aside from the students, the Principal and the teachers should be included too!  Create a dedication page where students can leave heartfelt messages to their beloved teachers.


4.  Have students contribute their own writing. Poems or first person accounts about events at school will make the yearbook unique and personal

5.  Use your creativity!  Think of unconventional ways of presenting this year’s number like making a large drawing of the number and putting everyone’s names inside or making the students pose in the shape of the numbers.   The design possibilities are endless!  Have fun in exploring these options.Ask the school artists to contribute their talents.  Include illustrations, comics and collages in your book.

6.  Does your school have a mascot?  If yes, don’t forget to include the mascot in the book

7.  When a lot of people are involved, beating the deadlines can be a bit difficult.  Make sure that everyone is aware of the deadlines and assign group leaders to make sure the timeline is followed.  This will give the publishing company enough time to produce your order, especially around peak yearbook processing season!

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