30 Homework Excuses You Should Expect From Your Students This Year

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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a teacher for, you still remember the dread of being given homework.

When you’ve spent all morning planning in your head what you were going to do with your afternoon. The games you were going to play. The friends you were going to meet. The wrestling reruns you were going to watch.

Then, your teacher burst your bubble by dropping a load of homework for you to complete by tomorrow.

It was at that time you had to make an important decision: do you do it, or do you come up with an excuse?

When you give your students their homework you can see them battling with the same problem in their heads, can’t you? You can probably predict who’s going to be in the latter category as well.

Well, for those children who decided they wanted to come up with an excuse, these are some of the most creative, weird and wonderful reasons they’ve ever come up with.


01. The New Technological Disaster

01 -Homework excuses - The New Technological Disaster

Well, it would be rude if the dog got to eat all of the homework, wouldn’t it?

02. The ‘Top Marks For Creativity’ Excuse

02 - Homework excuses - The Top Marks For Creativity Excuse

Times must have gotten really hard for The Borrowers.

03. The Most Gradual Destruction Of Homework Ever

03 - Homework excuses - MostGradual Destruction Of Homework EverHome work excuses

Accompanied with a long, slow, “Nooooooooooooo *breathes* ooooooooooooo!” scream as it’s drowned millimeter by millimeter.

04. The ‘That Won’t Work In University’ Excuse…

04 - Homework excuses -The That Wont Work In University Excuse

Can you bring him in so I can write your grade on his stomach?

05. The Moment Your Homework Becomes Your Alibi

05 - Home work excuses - The Moment Your Homework Becomes Your Alibi

I’m not sure how Pythagoras Theorem calculations are going to help them get your Dad on a speeding ticket, though.

06. The ‘Is It Rude To Laugh?’ Excuse

06 - Home work excuses - The ‘Is It Rude To Laugh?’ Excuse

Yeah, and I’ve just sold my toddler’s finger painting to MoMA.

07. The Jeepers Creepers Excuse

07 - Home work excuses - The Jeepers Creepers Excuse

Yet, you seem like you had a good night’s sleep in that room, Jimmy? I’m starting to see the flaw in your story.

08. The Alien Invasion, Part One

08 - Home work excuses - The Alien Invasion, Part One

And they couldn’t have left you with a more believable excuse?

09. The Accidental Postcard Excuse

09 - Home work excuses - The Accidental Postcard Excuse

I don’t know whether to believe you, or be worried that your Dad is in the habit of sending his brother Lord of the Flies book reports.

10. The ‘I Can See How You May Have Brought That On’ Excuse

10 - Home work excuses - The ‘I Can See How You May Have Brought That On’ Excuse

A much more innocent approach than Britney Spears took, I guess.

11.The Buddhist Excuse

11 - Home work excuses - The Buddhist Excuse

I mean, he’s got a point…

12. The Life-Saver Excuse

12 - Home work excuses - The Life-Saver Excuse

But it’s summer. And you’ve got all of your other books.

13. The Irresponsible Driver

13 - Home work excuses - The Irresponsible Driver

How did everything else dry out for today, and not your homework?

14. The Future Planner

14 - Home work excuses - The Future Planner

I’ve been teaching you for a while now. I don’t feel like 48 hours is going to make that much of a difference to you, Sophie.

15. The New Medical Discovery Excuse

15 - Home work excuses - The New Medical Discovery Excuse

That’s funny, because I’ve come down with an awful case of, “Giving you a failing grade”.

16. The World’s Most Powerful Air Conditioner Excuse

16 - Home work excuses - The World’s Most Powerful Air Conditioner Excuse

His car comes with three settings: Low, Medium and Hurricane Katrina, apparently.

17. The Conscientious Student Excuse

17 - Homework excuses - The Conscientious Student Excuse

Forget the homework, how did you get and cure your cold in less than 48 hours?

18.The Freak Natural Disaster Excuse

18 - Homework excuses - The Freak Natural Disaster Excuse

Billy, paper doesn’t conduct electricity. That’s exactly what your homework was about.

19. The Forgetful Mind Excuse

19 - Homework excuses - The Forgetful Mind Excuse

But…but, your head is right here, in front of me. How did you think this one would work?

20. The Brutally Honest Excuse

20 - Homework excuses - The Brutally Honest Excuse

Does that mean I get to fail both of you now? Because that would really be a first for me.

21. The I-Just-Care-Too-Much Excuse

21 - Homework excuses - The I-Just-Care-Too-Much Excuse

I hope you were picketing for the, “Dealing with lame homework excuses” bonus I’ve been asking for.

22. The Helpful Child Excuse

22 - Homework excuses - The Helpful Child Excuse

While I appreciate the sentiment, you’ve just made it worse for when you bring your homework in tomorrow.

23. The Down-With-The-Kids Excuse

23 - Homework excuses - The Down-With-The-Kids Excuse

Teachers over the age of 40 may struggle with this one.

24. The Longshot Excuse

24 - Homework excuses - The Longshot Excuse

He must have been expecting a lot of Pokemon Go Trivia to come up on the quiz.

25. The Solar Powered Calculator Excuse

25 - Homework excuses - The Solar Powered Calculator Excuse

Hannah, you’re literally holding an iPhone. I can see the calculator app from here.

26. The Alien Invasion, Part Two

26 - Homework excuses - The Alien Invasion, Part Two

Great, now the Martians are going to think we all write with a backwards E.

27. The Homeless Hero Excuse

7 - Homework excuses - The Homeless Hero Excuse

I imagine it was about as effective as this excuse, Daniel.

28. The Religious Discovery

28 - Homework excuses - The Religious Discovery

Funnily enough, giving someone who missed their homework a passing grade is against mine.

29. The ‘It Is Rude To Laugh Excuse’, Part Two

29 - Homework excuses - The Is Is Rude To Laugh Excuse, Part Two

I have a feeling they’d have survived, Kelly.

30. The Physical Impairment

30 - Homework excuses - The Physical Impairment

That’s a funny way to hold a pen.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…

Okay, now it’s over to you – what are some of your favourite excuses that a kid has come up with then they’ve not submitted their homework? Let me know in the comments.

And, remember, use my comebacks at your own risk.

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