40 Funny Teachers Who Know How To Use Humor… And Get The Last Laugh!

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Students. They’re the reason you do your job and the reason you go home cursing the day you decided to become a teacher.

While on the whole you love your students, there are a few of them (or entire classes) that you wish you could deal with better, don’t you?

Well here are 40 funny teachers who know exactly how to deal with their students to give you some much needed inspiration, and a heart belly laugh, all at the same time.

01. The Scientist Setting The Punishment Tone For The Year…

Cries of “If he did that to a wasp what happens if I forget my homework?” could be heard throughout the corridors for weeks.

Funny teachers - 01 the scientist

02. …While The English Teacher Sets The Bar For Coolness

You either want this teacher badly, or you’re scared to death what he’s going to say at a parent teacher conference. Either way, he’s set himself up as the coolest teacher in the building.

Funny teachers - 02 cool english teacher

03. When Beating Them At Their Own Game Is Much More Fun

You were never going to win a bad-joke battle with a 40 year old science teacher were you, kid?

Funny teachers - 03 science teacher joke

04. Or, Outwitting Them In Two Different Languages

This also comes with the added bonus of legally speaking your mind to a child…

05. The Teacher Who Understands Important Life Lessons

Well, the only way up from here is to screen Pulp Fiction, surely.

Funny teachers - 05 impress me

06. The “Who’s Paying Attention This Year?” Test

It might not count to their end of year grade, but it will count towards showing how a student deals with life in the real world.

Funny teachers - 06 not paying attention

07. There’s A Benefit To Keeping Up To Date With Trends…

Name that song in the comments for extra credit.

Funny teachers - 07 lady gaga periodic table

08. Even If It’s Just To Humiliate Your Students

The ‘I love Hannah Montana’ range is also available, if you want to mix it up.

Funny teachers - 08 i love justin bieber pencils

09. How To Engage Students And Influence People

Wouldn’t like to see his bill for new equipment at the end of the year, though.

10. The Art Of Creating An Interesting Parent Teacher Conference

There’s nothing like photographic evidence to get one-up on a student, is there?

Funny teachers - 10 interesting pta

11. A 6th Century Guide To Remembering Your Pen

I like to imagine he never left the house without a fully equipped pencil case ever again. Also, who just has a quill in their classroom? That’s commitment to the punchline right there.

Funny teachers - 11 quill

12. Sometimes Shock Value Is All You Need

The educators way to save money – and trees – from buying tissues.

Funny teachers - 12 students tears

13. The Equal Rights Clowns

This teacher overheard a student saying, “I’m glad gays can’t get married, they scare me, like clowns”. This is currently my #1 favourite teacher-win of all time.

Funny teachers - 13 equal rights clown

14. When Stand Up Comedy Meets Physics

This is one teacher who knew how to keep his students hanging on every word.

15. Sometimes You Just Have To Send A Subliminal Message

It’s a good job she wasn’t telling the story of Dick Whittington instead.

Funny teachers - 15 oxymoron

16. This Teacher Nails The Texting Issue

Or does he hammer it home? You decide…

17. The History Teacher That’ll Go Down In, Well…History

Because why stop teaching when they graduate? This lesson will be in their yearbook forever…

Funny teachers - 17 best history teacher ever

18. The Math Teacher Capturing Attention Until The Very End

Because who wants to finish the semester on an algebra problem?

19. When You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Scissor beats paper, rock beats scissor, red pen beats all…

Funny teachers - 19 you shall not pass

20. The 100% Completion Homework Project

That explains the sudden influx of Buddhists last week…

Funny teachers - 20 homework

21. Teachers By Day, Comedy Double Act By Night…

Funny teachers - 21 comedy double act

22. The Force Is Strong In This Teacher…

Makes you wonder how long the lesson took with all of the breathing issues?

Funny teachers - 22 darth vader teacher

23. While This One Is An Absolute Trooper

Okay, no more Star Wars puns, I promise.

Funny teachers - 23 star trooper teacher

24. The New Method For Correcting Grammar

Well, they do say visual information is processed quicker.

Funny teachers - 24 cereal killer

25. How To Handle A Heckler

I’d imagine he didn’t know Eminem based most of his raps on Dr. Seuss books. (That may be false).

26. What It Takes To Get Nominated For Teacher Of The Year

Do you have what it takes?

27. Could This Be More Accurate?

That’s one way to stop the awkward public displays of affection once and for all…

Funny teachers - 27 the notebook pda

28. The Biology Teachers Who Went Next Level Geek

Also known as “How to make a yearbook you’ll never forget 101” by the other teachers in that school.

Funny teachers - 28 funny biology teachers

29. Even The Music Teachers Can Get In On The Act…

You can see the exact moment the students went, “You don’t mess with Mr Smith!”

30. The Teacher Who Sets The Bar High For Fancy Dress

Funny teachers - 30 lego teacher

31. The Dead Poets Society 2: The Yearbook Years

Because poetry lives on beyond the classroom.

Funny teachers - 31 dead poets society

32. When You Need To Give Students A Choice In Terms They Understand

You could always earn a little money on the side too. I won’t tell if you won’t!

Funny teachers - 32 open house

33. How To Prove To Students You Have Skills Outside The Classroom

34. When Every Student Needs An Award

We’ll just ignore her little grammatical error for the sheer brilliance of the idea, shall we?

Funny teachers - 34 missing homework award

35. Getting Rid Of Phone Problems Once And For All

Let’s hope they get left on silent, or one might befall the fate of the next image…

Funny teachers - 35 phone problems

36. The Best Background Photo Ever

The ultimate lesson in getting your students to keep their phones off in class.

Funny teachers - 36 photobomb

37. When You Turn The Tables On Your Students

Maybe students will value the times when you’re actually there after this one.

Funny teachers - 37 missing teacher

38. Playing Games In Class? Might As Well Beat Them At Them…

I’d recommend being a slightly better winner though.

39. How To Demonstrate Alternate Uses For Things

Don’t let him on lunch duty, though. Can’t begin to imagine what he’d do with the apple slices.

Funny teachers - 39 banana phone

40. Finally, The Genius Fundraising Technique

$1 for a piece of tape? Even the faculty can enjoy this one…

Funny teachers - 40 tape fundraiser

What’s Your Favourite Story?

Got a story, picture or video of funny teachers that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Bring some fun to your yearbook.

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