Fundraising Idea: Movie Nights

Fundraising Ideas: Movie Night

 Thinking about ways to help fund your yearbook?

Imagine the buzz and excitement of hosting your own

This month, we’re sharing some tips on how to host this easy,
cost-effective event which is ideal for primary and secondary schools alike.

1. Select a movie, location and time.

What to screen?

Firstly, consider the age of the audience and chose a movie that will be popular, perhaps showing different movies at different sessions. A new release movie with broad appeal is what you’re after.

Make sure your selected movie is age appropriate and you have authorisation from a person of authority to screen it to the audience. Remember to choose ones with the correct rating of G, PG or M.

NOTE: All commercially distributed films are subject to copyright and you will therefore need an appropriate licence to show a film publicly.  Contact the Australian Copyright Council for information on the type of licence you require.


Select a location – a classroom, an A/V room or the school hall are great spots.
Check all the necessary equipment, including a power source is available.


If you’re a big school consider having 2 sessions.
The younger grades can attend earlier in the night and the older grades the later session.

2. Work out your prices

How much are you going to charge per ticket and how much profit do you expect to make?


$5-10 each

Snacks & Drinks

$1-2 per drink cans, $3-5 for snacks, or create a “snack pack” price for both a snack and drink.


You could sell glow sticks to add to the atmosphere at $1-2 each.

Source your suppliers (home baked snacks, popcorn etc. can help keep the costs down). Calculate how much these items will cost and how much you need to charge to make a profit.

Try selling popcorn for additional yearbook funds!

3. Organise your volunteers and resources


Successful events require a team of volunteers to make them happen! Call for volunteers or nominate a class to assist in running the event. Once you have your team of volunteers you’ll need to delegate roles.

Marketing Team

Tickets, advertising (newsletter and posters), directional signage, collecting tickets on the night.
Be creative by making your own tickets and printing them on coloured paper.

Event Team

Movie selection and authorisation, sourcing a location, selecting a date and time, sourcing the audio-visual resources, decorating the venue.

Catering Team

Purchase and collect donated snacks, prepare snack packages, sell snacks and drinks on the night. You can get creative and make popcorn and lolly bags using simple paper bags and decorating them with colorful stickers.

Merchandising Team

Sourcing and purchasing or making merchandise, selling merchandise on the night.

Additional Ideas

➤  Have a black board at the entrance where you can write the movie and session times.
➤  Have a “DIY” photobooth with a few props such as glasses or frames to take photos in – you can make these from scrap paper and card. Charge a small fee for each photo and an option to order prints for an additional cost. These could be produced and distributed the week following your movie night.
➤   When selling movie tickets, consider selling snack pack tickets as well. These can be collected at the door by those who have pre-purchased.
➤  Number the back of each ticket and write the purchaser’s name on it. Collect all the tickets at the door. At the end of the session draw the tickets out of a hat as a form of raffle and have a small prize for the winner.
➤  Whatever the movie is – create a theme and have some fun by getting your audience to dress up.

4. Increase awareness – advertise!

Place ads in your school newsletter and create a movie poster to place around your school.

Don’t forget to include in your advertising material:

➤   The movie title, the date and session time
➤  When and where tickets can be purchased
➤  The reason why you are holding the movie night – to raise funds for your yearbooks!
➤  Include information about any incentives ie; raffle, photo booth, fancy dress, bring your own bean bag etc.

5. Sell your tickets

Begin your ticket sales well in advance of your event date. This way you can estimate your attendance numbers and your catering and merchandising requirements.

6. Host your “Night at the Movies”


➤  Make sure all your volunteer groups know what they are responsible for on the night.
➤   Set up the technology (TV, monitor/projector screen, DVD player, PA system)
and remember to test the system before your audience arrives.
➤   Set up your venue with chairs, gym mats and decorations etc. Remember to leave space for an aisle.
➤   Set up your snack bar in an area close to the entrance.
➤   Make sure you have ticket collectors, ushers, an MC to introduce the movie and
draw the raffle and people to assist with the photo booth if you have one.

➤   Make sure you place enough signage around your school directing guests to the right location.

7. Enjoy!

Enjoy your “Night at the Movies” and remember to take photos!
This could be a great page in your yearbook.



For extra inspiration check out our Pinterest board:

Disclaimer: These tips should be treated as a guide only. You should seek advice specific to the needs of your school and event. Seek further details from relevant authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, participant safety.

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