Fundraising to offset the cost of your Yearbooks

raising money for your yearbook

With less than 130 days until the end of the year, it’s almost time to print and share your wonderful memories with the entire school.

The staff at Fusion have experienced a variety of fundraising events having gone to and taught at different schools ranging from the most affluent private schools to the poorly funded public schools in extremely low socio economic areas.  Through these experiences, we have become quite partial to the odd but exciting fundraising events.  Here are some ideas for those of you wishing to minimize the overall cost for your yearbook.

Interestingly: The most affluent private schools are the best at fundraising, so take a leaf out of their book and HUSSLE ☺

Sausage Sizzles

Who doesn’t love a good sausage in bread with sauce? Bunnings are a good thing here as we know that nobody can resist the smell of snaggers and onions on the Barbie. To get started all you need are sausages, onions, sauce and bread (rolls preferably) and a BBQ. There are great specials in supermarkets these days for bulk buying; or if you know the local butcher you could have a little chat to see if donating sausages is something they would consider. You may even find a purveyor of fine meats who specialize in gourmet sausages and might want a little bit of exposure. To optimize your profits, consider offering ice cold drinks too.

The cool thing is that you can have these BBQ’s anywhere! The most common and probably the best place is actually within the school grounds since you can have the BBQ during the lunch break.  Just make sure that you get the proper permits and time allowance before you start cooking.   Most schools that we have worked with that have had a fundraising BBQ mentioned that they raised most of their yearbook money in only a few lunch time BBQ’s!  Other great venues to set up your fundraising grill are places like local sporting events, outside popular stores (simply ask the store if they will support the school by allowing you to set up outside). Other than bringing a small float (of coins and small notes) in an ice cream container, you don’t need much else.

Bring in a Cake Day

This is easy!  Simply get people in your yearbook committee and anyone else interested in getting an amazing yearbook to bring in a cake, muffins or any other treat.  Slice them up into generous pieces and set up a selling table during lunch or recess at your school. This concept can apply to any edible product you think the students and staff at your school will appreciate such as soups, biscuits pies… anything.

What about Chocolate?

I ran chocolate appreciation classes for many years.  We compared a whole array of chocolates ranging from single origin through to truffles and fondant based treats.  We studied the fascinating steps in growing the cocoa pod through to conching, and the history that goes behind it.  Just Google chocolate history, cultivation, processing, usage and health benefits and you will have all the information you need for an amazing presentation. Simply charge $5 or $10 for this class during a lunch break and find a place to get a lot of good chocolate for a good price, such as your local market or supermarket.  Aim to spend about half of the money you charge on chocolate for your guests.


Local businesses love to support the local school since they can benefit from it.  Having a couple of pages at the back of your book dedicated to advertisements is a great way to reduce the cost of your yearbook and to put a spotlight on great local businesses.  There are two ways you can charge for advertising space, you can get businesses to sponsor the yearbook and sell 1 gold, 2 silver and as many bronze as you like. Each category of sponsorship would have a different money value that the sponsor would need to donate for example the gold sponsor could donate $1000, Silver- $500 and bronze-$150. Each category of sponsor would have a different amount of space allocated to it in the yearbook so the Gold may have half a page with the other levels of sponsors having a smaller allocation. You can also provide advertising space for companies that have helped you in other fund raising activities such as the butcher that donated the sausage etc. When including these companies small advertising space in the yearbook, you will need to ask them for a logo, email and phone number. They may want to design a small section to be included in the yearbook.  Some schools we have worked with have also had families or businesses sponsor each page, and they have included a small note at the bottom of each page saying ‘This page was sponsored by XYZ’ Some good targets for sponsorship are: • Real Estate Agents • Mining Companies • Local Businesses such as hard ware stores, butchers (who can often donate goods) • Super markets (who can often donate goods) Other great Fund Raising Ideas include: • Free Dress Days • Raffles (put together a hamper of donated goods) • Auctions (from donated goods) • Sponsored sporting events, such as a Teachers vs Students Football match.

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