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Have you ever heard about clipart? If you’re familiar with scrapbooking, I’m pretty sure you have. Back in the days, clipart images were those little images cut out by hand in a magazine – or any other publication –, then manually attached to your own pages with sticky tape or glue. Of course, clipart has evolved. Those images are now accessible everywhere on the Internet and in some desktop softwares.

But wait a minute. Profusion doesn’t mean quality or pertinence, and finding nice images doesn’t mean that their quality is good enough for printing. If you add the copyright factor, it can become very complex to find the clipart images you are looking for.

That’s why, we – at Fusion – thought it would be handy to integrate a clipart library directly available in the page editor. No time wasted, no doubts in quality or copyrights – and you can customize them all as you like!

In this post you will discover how our clipart library works. You’ll also understand how clipart can improve your yearbook – both from a design and editorial angle. You’ll learn how to use clipart to create an awesome visual journey for your readers as well as affirming your visual identity. Take a sit, access your Fusion account and start using clipart right away!

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How Fusion’s clipart library works?

Adding clipart images to your pages is extremely easy. Below is an example you can definitely reproduce in a couple of minutes. Let’s say your class has been on a trip to Italy and one of your students is in charge of creating a page about it.

1 – Create a page

Drag an article page in the desired location.

How to us clipart - 1

2 – Choose a layout

Pick your favorite layout from hundreds and drag it onto your page.

How to us clipart - 2

3 – Click on the search icon.

After clicking, you’ll discover up to 20 clipart categories. Each of them offers thousands of clipart images that you can use instantaneously.

How to us clipart - 3

3 – Pick a category and have a look at what we’ve got for you.

The page example I’ve picked is about a trip to Italy. What could I use to illustrate it? Let’s try the International category!

How to us clipart - 4

4 – Choose your clipart images and drag them onto your page.

Excellent! I’ll use the Italian Flag to add flair to my title.

How to us clipart - 5

To make everything fit on the page, here is what I did:
1 – I resized and move my title a little bit.
2 – I resized and move my flag as well.

To go a little further in my customization, here is what I did:
1 – Change the colour of my title.
2 – Change the colour of my pull quote.

Finally, I went back to my clipart library and looked for a shape to gather my title and the little flag.

How to us clipart - 6


For the final touch, I decided to make honor to the author.

I went back to my clipart library, browse the Frame category and found this nice polaroid. I deleted a little bit of text to make it fit on the page, dragged the author’s photo.

That’s pretty much it! What do you think?

How to us clipart - 7

How to us clipart - 8

Want to try? No need to wait!


Why clipart is awesome for your yearbook?

As mentioned earlier in the post, clipart images can help you improve your design and guide your readers through a pleasant visual journey.

That is why our content and design teams work hard to provide you with new – and relevant – images all the time.

Let’s take a few examples.

1 – You need to illustrate sport pages.

Here are a few clipart images
you can use for your sports pages.

Sports club yearbooks scatterboard

Here is what it can look like. Pretty cool
to introduce your sports section, what do you think?

clipart for Sports

2 – Illustrating your school life.

Here are a few clipart images you can
use to add a little something to your pages.


Here is the kind of result you can get
in a few minutes. Pretty nice, isn’t it?


3 – Using graphs and shapes.

Here are a few clipart images
you can use for professional purpose.

Corporate yearbook scatterboard

Here is what you can do to
bring your data to life!

Corporate yearbook 3

4 – Using clipart to create your own backgrounds.

Step 1: create a page and use it as your
master. To re-use it, simply duplicate it.

Create background with clipart

Step 2: drag clipart images
and create your background.

Create background with clipart 2

Step 3: add your content as you like.
Simply drag images, texts, etc.

Create background with clipart 3


Well, I think you understand the idea. As I said before, there are thousands of options to choose from, you can change the size, the color, play with transparency, etc. The best thing you can do to understand it even better is to try it yourself!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in all these options? Then leave a comment below and we’ll add your requests to our design list. Remember that this library is dynamic and meant to grow with time, so any suggestions are welcome!

What if you tried today?

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