Fun DIY to Jazz up your profile photos

Yearbook profile picture design

The other day, the Fusion France team shared how they stumbled upon a wonderful and creative idea while watching the U.S. series New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel.  The show’s creative introduction gave them a really crafty yet easy idea to make your profile photo more fun and interesting.

What do you need?
> A vintage looking frame – get one for cheap at your local thrift store or better yet find someone who can lend you one!
> String and hooks to hold your frame
> Colorful printed fabrics, carpets, sarongs or anything that can serve as an interesting background
> Lamp (optional) – to help simulate studio lighting
> Assorted props like sunnies, hats, signboards etc.
> Camera
> and of course, people to photograph!

> Locate a suitable area in your school that is well lit and spacious.
> Tie your string on the top part of the frame and find a safe place to hang it from.
> Secure your background fabric on the wall – or you can ask your classmates to take turns in holding it
> Use your lamp (if you have one) as a spotlight.
> And lastly: shoot and have fun!

These funky photos will definitely liven your Yearbook!

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