Design Tip #1: Colour Choices In Your Yearbook Making

colour design tips

Are you ready to make the most of your yearbook experience? In our next three posts, we will be featuring  advanced design tips shared to us by the awesome folks at Fusion France.  These will definitely serve as an inspiration for those who want to take their Yearbook creation process to the next level!  To start this series off, they have asked a very accomplished French senior graphic designer, C. Renaud to give us some pointers on colour.  Here are some of his tips:

Plan your pages
Before you do anything it is best to get all the important information sorted and organised from the start.  Find out what look the school is going for this year.  Will it be a modern and formal looking yearbook?  Or will be it playful and funky?  Will the school colours be featured in the whole book?  Once you have all  these details  you should take time out to think and scribble your ideas on paper.  Having a plan will definitely make the whole creative process easier and more efficient.

Unify your palette
Too many colours to choose from?  Sometimes it is wiser to limit yourself to 3 or 4 main colours in your yearbook (fonts, background, borders, elements, etc..).  This will create consistency throughout the pages of your yearbook.  For your text, make sure that you choose a colour that stands out from the background.  Remember, while it is important to create beautiful coordinated pages, it is also very essential that all the messages and captions are visible.

Define your colours
Looking for a specific colour?  Need more colour inspiration?  Here are two awesome sites that can help you with that.

DeGraeve a great tool to generate your palette from an image

Kuler, a nice tool to generate your palette from a colour

You can use these colours on the Fusion system too!  Once you’ve found your palette, copy the colour codes and just type them in the field (next to the arrow in our image below) to get the exact shade that you are looking for!

 We sure hope that you’ll find these tips helpful.

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