Virtual Homework: Creative Online Learning

School students do not enjoy doing their homework… it’s a fact! After a long day at school the last thing kids want to do is pull out their ripped up text books and continue studying.  Most students drag their school bags through the front door and make a V-line towards the couch or the computer screen.  How do we pull kids off the couch and inspire them to do their homework?

As much as we try to drag children away from the computer screen it is near impossible, they love the online world! Many schools are finding new ways to incorporate the home learning and homework activities in new technologically advanced ways.

Virtual classrooms are the way of the future, basically they are an online learning environment which allows for the students to connect, interact and learn in a virtual world. The Ultranet has been set up by the Victorian State Government in Australia, this online learning portal provides students with a learning portfolio which tracks their progress across their school life. The Ultranet can be accessed from home and school computers. Parents can also play a role in helping their children learn and progress.

iTunes U is pushing online learning ahead in leaps and bounds. iTunes U is simply a world of resources for every subject imaginable, ranging from primary school to university learning. This online encyclopaedia provides teachers and students with the access to resources from some of the world’s most renowned institutions.

And then there is Second Life which is a whole different concept in itself. The concept of Second Life is mind blowing! It is online world, where every business or person (in the form of an “avatar”) can exist in a virtual reality. Classrooms can be designed where all students can be present at one time and learning in real time.  In the virtual world students could be working on their group assignment from their own homes. Consider the concept of tutoring, the children could attend a virtual tutoring centre with the questions and help that they need. Second Life is the future and is open to endless possibilities when it comes to virtual learning.

What will be next? Children will actually want to do their homework, I guess it’s possible?

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