Control Yearbook Costs With Buddy Photos

It is always a challenge keeping yearbook costs down to make it affordable for all the students. For most, this means considering other sources of revenue than just advertisements. You may want to consider taking a look at what buddy photos can do to control the cost of your yearbook the way some other schools have done.


The way this works is that when you start promoting yearbook each year you also proclaim that you will be taking buddy photos to go in it. Announcements can be posted telling everyone that you will be taking photos at all school events such as games, dances, socials and others and provide a guarantee that all photos will be in the yearbook. Also note the cost which can be $2 per person in the photo. By advertising this ahead of time, students will be ready when the time comes.


It might surprise you how quickly interest will grow, especially when you display photos demonstrating what you are talking about. Some schools more than double the number of buddy photos and the amount of money they raise after the first year. You may need a well laid out plan to keep this from becoming a logistical nightmare, but this should not be a problem for sharp students. Here is a step-by-step plan that can help.


1. Set up tables displaying yearbooks buddy photo pages at every event.

2. Provide sign-up sheets so that every member posing in photos can list their name.

3. Use a digital camera to take the photos with so that you can do retakes when necessary.

4. Download the photos to a folder on your computer and rename it as well as giving it a sequential number for the group.

5. Create a Word document so that you can record the event name and date and include a thumbnail of each buddy photo. Print the document out and place it in a folder along with the event sign-up sheet and put it into a three ring binder so that you can access it easily when proofing your yearbook.

6. At a later time, you can do some adjustments to color, red eye, and brightness as needed.

7. Finally, assign every 30 buddy photos a letter designating this a complete page of photos.


Because most people, students, chaperones, teachers, administration and others enjoy posing with others from the school this is a fun way to bring your yearbook costs under control. It is also a sure way to ensure that more people will purchase the yearbook because they want the memories created when the buddy photos were taken.

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