How To: 3 Easy-to-Make Yearbook Themes for Article Pages


Looking for great new styles to spice up your yearbook’s overall theme? Haven’t chosen a theme for your yearbook yet?

We’ve got three different styles to inspire you for your yearbook design!

The three styles we’ll share today are:



You can create these page styles in the Fusion Yearbook Builder in a few minutes, and carry the style throughout the book for consistency.



This theme is fun and casual, emulating the style of a notebook. To create a page like this follow these simple steps:

1.2.Layout 1.3.Customise 1.4.Variations

Colour Block


For a look that’s similar to a contemporary magazine, try this layout. High contrast and clean-cut edges combined with colours that pop, make a striking statement with your content.2.2.Page2.3.Customise


Not sure what colour schemes to try for this theme? You can use your school colours, or black and white with the addition of a third colour. There are a few sites to help you choose a scheme to work with such as colourlovers or kuler.


Modern Scholar


This theme is clean, sophisticated and contemporary. Great photographs are the main focus of this look, so choose images you’d like to showcase.

3.2.Layout 3.3.Customise 3.4.Variations

Don’t forget – If you’d like your pages to have a consistent theme across your entire book, simply duplicate your page by using the ‘clone’ tool. That way your alignments remain the same across your page spreads. Consistency is the key – and makes for a professional looking yearbook. It’s also easier to design your book once you have a style in mind, so commit to your theme before creating your pages.

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