Funny Yearbook Pictures – Original and Memorable.

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Nothing brings people together like sharing a laugh over funny yearbook pictures!

Funny yearbooks pictures

The bad haircuts, awkward smiles and interesting prop choices have brought smiles to our faces and stitches to our sides.

You’ll find our favourites below – plus how you can use similar ideas in your own yearbook with the flexibility of Fusion’s online yearbook builder.

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Funny yearbook pictures you’ve probably seen around…

funny yearbook picture - 4

The Hairstyles That Were Never In Style.

funny yearbook picture - 1

The Period Piece.

funny yearbook picture - 6

The All-Too-Serious Costumer.

funny yearbook picture - 3

The Airhead.

funny yearbook picture - 2

The Deer In The Headlights.

funny yearbook picture - 5

The Cat Fanatic.

Add a little something to your funny yearbook pictures

Fusion’s graphic elements, such as shapes, object, clipart, and others are great ways to add some personality to your photos — not to mention it is incredibly easy to do without any sort of graphic design or artistic experience. Simply:

1- Choose a layout

2- Insert your photo

3- Select a graphic of your choosing

4- Drag and drop it where you desire

You can resize, stretch, rotate, and more to fit the object where you want. With millions of images to choose from, all you need to do is search for the category you wish to pull from and drag your favourite onto the template.

Try our fun filters and add a comedic touch to your photos

Create vintage or old-timey looks for your present-day photos. Have a contest! See who can dress like they are from the 70’s or 80’s with the big hair and nylon track suits, and then use photo filters to adjust the photograph to finish the illusion.

Add a little fun with accessories

You can do a fun photoshoot with your students, staff, and faculty where you provide quirky and interesting accessories for them to play around with. Or you can just add all of these to your photos directly on your page!

1- Add a photo frame

Choose from dozens of options and make them your own. Change the colour and size, rotate and crop as needed: you’re the boss!

Funny yearbooks pictures - 2

2- Use props

…like: glasses, hats, and blown-up ordinary objects.

Funny yearbooks pictures 3

Have Everyone Upload a Variety of Photos

Invite your students and staff to select two photos to be paired next to each other: A serious picture and one of the following:

1- A costume

2- A goofy face

3- A really bad picture of themselves (it could be even funnier if you have a friend pick out this photo for them!)

The Best Yearbook Pictures Brought to your Page

Harness the wacky and hilarious personalities of your students and staff and create pages that show off quirky you can be.

You’ll find that Fusion Yearbooks makes it easy to craft flexible and fun pages with our photo editing software and insertable filters, picture frames that add individuality, and the ability to let everyone add the photos they think capture them (and sometimes their cat) in the best light without you having to lift a finger.

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What is Fusion Yearbooks?

Fusion Yearbooks is an online software that allows you create your yearbook – even without design experience! Providing you with hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, fonts, clipart as well as plenty of yearbook ideas, Fusion can be used by an unlimited number of students and teachers in your school.

Can I use photos from Facebook?

Yes you can! With Fusion you can now use your Facebook photos directly in the page editor. You’ll just have to drag them onto your page and start editing using our powerful photo editor and photo filters (like on Instagram!).

Is there any requirement for quality printing?

Yes. To get high quality printing, you have to make sure your camera (or smartphone) is set on the highest resolution available. If not, your photos could be blurry or pixelated. Generally, if you use smartphone photos, we highly recommend you not to go beyond 8 x 12 cm (or likely) on the page. They are perfect for a montage with multiple photos on a page, but might not be good enough for a plain page (as a background for example). For the biggest photos you want to print, think before you trigger: have you set the highest res available? NOTE: you can also browse through dozens of backgrounds in our library and find the one that suits your needs.

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