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Fusion has the widest selection of free yearbook layouts that will captivate your readers!

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Explore hundreds of yearbook layouts, ranging from modern to artistic, and use Fusion’s flexible online yearbook software to customise your designs and fit your needs!

With a ridiculously easy-to-use drag and drop editor, create stunning pages with minimal time, effort and money spent.

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Infinite Options — Something for Every Style!

With hundreds of beautiful and sleek yearbook template options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find that layout that fits your needs perfectly. Browse through styles related to: academic, artsy, colourful, chic, tribal, urban, scrapbook, minimalistic, and a plethora more!

How does it work?

1 – Choose a page type and drag a new page into your book.

2 – Choose from dozens of yearbook layouts and drag your favourite onto your page.

3 – Drag and drop your photos, type or paste your texts.

4 – Customise your pages (change background, colours, add photo filters, etc.)

Yearbook layouts for Covers

Despite what people tell you, first impressions are everything! The cover is the first thing people will see – it has to be appealing and engaging. There are infinite ways to craft a cover that will just beg to be opened, and we’re here to give you the tools and guidance to make it happen.

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Yearbook layouts for Article pages.

Mixing text and images, article pages are your story-telling tools! Through a single page or multiple spreads, you have many options to entice your readers.

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Yearbook layouts for Photo and Group Photo pages.

A photo on a full page to illustrate a information, or a photo-montage to make your story more alive: dozens of layouts are at your disposal. Class or friend photos: try plenty of templates and arrange them as you like – from the academic to the artistic!

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Yearbook layouts for Profile Pages and Passport Pages

One of the most important parts of your book, where everyone can share something. With Fusion, you can automate your profile pages to save time. Passport pages are another popular and simple way to have everybody in your book. Choose a layout depending on your number of students, then duplicate it as much as needed to be consistent.

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Yearbook layouts for Signature and Autograph Pages

Leave some space for real signatures! Cherish your yearbook and keep a part of your friends with you forever.

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Want to make your yearbook layout even more special?

With Fusion’s 100% customisable capabilities, you can take these magnificent yearbook layout templates, tweak and adapt them to your liking!

With close to 150 fonts, a library of millions of images, clipart, and graphic shapes, you will never feel you are missing something — or worry about spending a fortune on all the additional knick-knacks and doo-dads you want to incorporate into your yearbook.

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Can I create my own layout from scratch?

Yes, absolutely. With Fusion Yearbooks, you can start from a white page, drag your texts, photos and graphic elements to design your layout. If you’re not to sure, start with what we’ve got for you and adapt your pages as you’d like!

Can I save a layout that I like and use it for other pages?

Yes, you can. Once your design is complete save your page and go back to your book. Hover over your page and click the duplicate button. You’ll get a new page perfectly identical!

Where can I find other yearbook layout ideas?

We know that there is a lot more to yearbook making than just having the necessary tools to get the job done — it requires imagination and innovative ideas to give those pages that extra umph. That’s why Fusion Yearbooks goes the extra mile to make sure that imaginative torch is always lit so you can ignite your own creativity. Check out some of the helpful posts in our blog!

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