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There are endless ways to create stunning yearbook spreads that make a statement and impress!

Incorporate words, pictures, graphic shapes and objects into a comprehensive masterpiece — and do so easily with our drag and drop editor.

Fusion Yearbooks is in the business of accessible beauty — meaning we want you to have the yearbook of your dreams, but you don’t need to hold a degree in graphic design in order to achieve magnificence!

We provide you with the largest selection of templates, layouts, and designs. Start creating from dozens of yearbook spread ideas: you now have the ability to customise every aspect of your page until you find your perfection.

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Infinite Ways to Get Creative

Make a statement with bold titles — typically this will be your reader’s first impression of the page so Fusion wants to give you access to the best tools to make your titles deliver.

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Select a mood from close to 150 font choices that range from handwritten to modern. Experiment with the size, placement, colour, letter spacing, and more — you can say a lot with your presentation.

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Changing Up Yearbook Spread Layouts

Create unique layouts by playing with linear direction. This is a great technique for breaking up those longer, more wordy articles.

Dense vertical columns come across a little intimidating, especially when they are heavy with text.

Clipart, graphic shapes, and curved objects can help invite a welcoming atmosphere on to the page.

With Fusion, you have access to an amazing library of graphic elements that can be stretched, resized, recoloured, and placed exactly where you need them!

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Yearbook Table of Contents Spread

Your yearbook table of contents page is a great place to get a little artistic since this typically isn’t a very text-dense spread — not to mention this will be one of the first pages in your yearbook and one of the immediate impressions of what is to come.

Experiment with colour, shapes, designs, and all the space you’re given.

Yearbook spread ideas 4

We’ve created the widest selection of styles and moods for you to find your ideal match — you don’t need to have any previous design experience to have the most stunning yearbook spreads that are as individual as your school.

Yearbook Spreads Spruced Up With Stickers and Other Clipart

Clipart, shapes, and stickers are some of the simplest ways to add a splash of colour and personality to your yearbook spreads!

With a never-ending library of graphic elements to choose from you can add wacky accessories to people in photos (Goofy hats, big glasses, obnoxious necklaces, and much more), guide your readers through the pages, highlight particular areas, etc.

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What is Fusion Yearbooks?

Fusion Yearbooks is an online software that allows you create your yearbook – even without design experience! Providing you with hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, fonts and clipart, Fusion can be used by an unlimited number of students and teachers in your school. Add some flair to your photos with amazing photo filters (like on Instagram!). Easily use your Facebook photos directly in the page editor. Find inspiration through thousands of yearbook spread ideas available on our blog, Pinterest boards and monthly newsletter!

How long does it take to get my yearbooks delivered and is there any extra cost for delivery?

Your yearbooks will be delivered within 4 weeks after your final approval is granted online. Good news: with Fusion, standard delivery is free!

What’s the cost of a yearbook with Fusion?

The price of your yearbooks depends on the number of pages, the quantity of books and your finishing options. Access your free trial account and generate as many quotes as you need to find the configuration that works with you. Good thing to know: you can adapt your order up to the very last minute before your yearbook goes to print!

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