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Sports, academics, graduation, seniors, superlatives. . . Needless to say you have a lot going on at your high school, but how are you going to present all these aspects with the same personality that makes them special? We’ve got you covered.

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Beautiful templates and layouts — now entirely customisable!

Previous design experience isn’t necessary to craft incredible pages for your high school yearbook.

With Fusion’s wide array of professionally designed templates, you can get the exact look your high school needs.

Take our layouts as they are, or use the drag and drop editor to rearrange, add columns, insert photos, and manipulate to your liking. Enjoy the freedom of 100% customisation!

Captivating high school yearbook covers

With hundreds of different designs and layouts to peruse through, you won’t have to search long to find a concept that speaks to you. Here are some of the endless ways to customise your high school yearbook cover:

Upload your mascot

Make your school’s mascot or logo pop off the page with a variety of printing options.

Tip: you can create a watermark effect by playing with the filter  and transparency options on your logo. Try taking down the saturation -100, increasing the contrast +50 and setting the transparency to 30%.

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Make your titles bold

Find the perfect font from close to 150 options for your high school yearbook cover titles. Experiment with size, colour, and placement on the page to create a unique and different mood with each design. Vote for your favourite!

Remember, you don’t need to type a lot to say a lot.

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Use geometric designs

Utilise the graphic elements, objects, and shapes to craft a striking masterpiece of a yearbook cover that will beg to be opened. Fiddle around with different colour palettes and placements on the page.

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Perfect high school yearbook pages

Encompass all your high school does with incredible page displays and spreads. Get creative by incorporating your photos and Fusion’s article templates to highlight your year in style.

Get the action on the page

Using your action shots from sporting events is a great way to add that “Wow!” factor to your high school yearbook.

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Inspire others with what you do

There are a lot of high school students on your campus that go above and beyond. Find creative ways to appreciate their ambition and enthusiasm.

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Take your portraits to another level

Don’t you think it’s time the traditional high school yearbook portrait structure upgraded to the 21st century? We do too. Check out some of the cool ways you can raise the bar.

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Create article pages that demand to be read

It’s no secret that high school students are a little shy of pages that are full of words… But you have a lot to say about your school, students, and staff! Here are some tips on how to get those articles read:

1- Break up longer articles with graphic elements

– Change the direction by inserting diagonal or curved shapes — breaking up the mainly horizontal or vertical feel of the page creates a less intimidating atmosphere.

– Upload photos and spruce them up with clipart and unique typography — with close to 150 font options and a seemingly endless supply of clipart and graphic shapes, you can pull the readers in with aesthetically pleasing visuals.

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2- Create diversity on the page

– Explore the 150 fonts free for you to use and try different looks for quotes, annotations, and titles. Experimenting with size, placement, and linear direction can result in some creative designs that are unique to you.

– Colour is an emotionally-driven element that can set the mood of your page to keep a consistent feel and draw your readers in. Create an inviting look with lively colours, or maintain a more serious tone with pastels and softer tones.

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What is Fusion Yearbooks?

Fusion Yearbooks is an online software that allows you create your yearbook – even without design experience! Providing you with hundreds of free layouts, backgrounds, fonts and clipart, Fusion can be used by an unlimited number of students and teachers in your school. Add some flair to your photos with amazing photo filters (like on Instagram!). Easily use your Facebook photos directly in the page editor. Find inspiration through thousands of yearbook ideas available on our blog, Pinterest boards and monthly newsletter!

What’s the cost of a yearbook with Fusion?

The price of your yearbooks depends on the number of pages, the quantity of books and your finishing options. Access your free trial account and generate as many quotes as you need to find the configuration that works with you. Good thing to know: you can adapt your order up to the very last minute before your yearbook goes to print!

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Your yearbooks will be delivered within 4 weeks after your final approval is granted online. Good news: with Fusion, standard delivery is free!

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